How to Use Accolade In A Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Accolade in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Accolade.

Accolade: Definition and Meaning

Accolade (noun) means an honor, award or prize. It can be a verbal compliment in the form of praise of a trophy on a mantelpiece marking an achievement.

Although the word accolade finds varied meanings in the field of knighthood, music and architecture, it is most commonly used to describe a laurel or a privilege.

Use accolade in a sentence to express an honorable mention, laudable accomplishment or reward.

Even gestures, body language and words can serve as accolades, not just physical certificates of tangible tokens.

Accolade: Other Grammatical Forms

Accoladed (verb)

Accolading (adverb)

Accolade in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though she won so many accolades at school, there was something about her personal life that prevented her from being happy.

2) Having received a string of accolades one after the other, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the success goes to her head.

3) All the accolades that my professor received during his lifetime went down the drain because of one student who accused him of inappropriate behavior.

4) There is no point in giving someone a posthumous accolade as the recipient cannot enjoy his or her win.

5) She has received many accolades for her painting. It’s just that she chooses to never talk about them.

6) The accolade was not as important to her as the venue and the person who gave it.

7) To keep every officer pleased, the management conferred trivial accolades on everyone.

8) Even though her daughter received every possible accolade at school, her mother was always dissatisfied with her progress.

9) His family was proud of him because of the honorable accolade he received, especially because it was straight from the hands of the President.

10) The only thing that the poor soldiers cared about was the protection of their families, not accolades or high-flying awards.

11) Of what use are all her accolades in the field of child psychology if she can’t manage her own child well?

12) An accolade bestowed on me at work by my boss gave me more satisfaction that the last three promotions I received.

13) He received the biggest accolade of his career after he retired. But he wasn’t complaining.

14) After having received the highest accolade in the company, the employee was on cloud nine.

15) After tasting the meal I had prepared, my mother bestowed the accolade of being the best cook on me.

16) Enjoy basking in the glory of your accolade as long as you want to. You never know how circumstances might change tomorrow.

17) It was neither all his wealth, fortune or accolades that made him happy, but the squeal of his little daughter.

18) The entrepreneur was constantly trying to innovate his products because he wanted his startup to get the best accolades of the year.

19) As long as he has the love of his fans, he doesn’t care about any accolades. But isn’t this a cliché used by most celebrities?

20) Most kids in her class aspire to win accolades as mighty as the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize. No one has any ordinary dreams.

21) The wildlife photographer deserves many accolades for having the guts to venture out into the wilderness to capture a rare bird on his camera.

22) My mother would have been proud of me if she was alive. She would have flaunted my accolades to everyone.

23) The mantelpiece in my boss’s cabin is lined with all the accolades that he has won in the world of business since the past thirty years.

24) The President’s biggest accolade is that he has been loved by people not just in his country, but from all across the world.

25) Our city was awarded the ridiculous accolade of having the maximum number of obese people in the world.

26) The dance academy gained fame after it received a slew of accolades from the government. Until then, it was a hole-in-the-wall place in the city.

27) The playwright was happy with his writing because it received accolades from audiences of different types from all corners of the world.

28) The highest accolades won’t taste sweet if they are not earned by honesty, hard work and ethical means.

29) Getting all these accolades at such a young age is proof enough that she is not an ordinary child, but a prodigy.

30) If my teacher looks at any essay and gives a brief smile, consider that to be an accolade. Don’t expect any verbal compliments from him.

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