Hysterical in a Sentence

What does hysterical mean? It means something that contains an uncontrollable emotion which cannot be reined in.

Adjective: -posthysterical

Sentence Examples: –

  • The joke was so hysterical that people were found to be rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
  • There is always a hysterical sense in how 4 July pans out for the American people. Fireworks, festivals and a lot of other events certainly help people realize the bonhomie between the people.
  • If you have a hysterical wife, you truly realize what it is to live with your enemy.
  • When you make a hysterical mistake, it is either funny or it happens to be extremely sad, depending upon the person viewing it.
  • When the terrorist took on the job of the rising people, it was mainly through a lot of hysterical attacks that they had been able to create a dent in the sense of security amongst people.
  • When you are faced with danger, it is very important for you to not become hysterical and think about it in a calm manner.

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