Pessimistic in a Sentence

What does pessimistic mean? It means somebody that is only hopeful of bad outcomes.

Adjective: -overpessimistic

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is only due to his pessimistic nature that he has not been able to make any inroads into creating new friends.
  • When you are pessimistic in your life, you tend to have a very bleak understanding of how you will be able to prosper in life.
  • The people who are pessimistic always find their viewpoint to be modeled with a lot of shortsightedness.
  • It is always remembered, and something to mark the pessimistic people always thinks that the glass of water is always half empty.
  • If you contain in your life remaining are pessimistic, there are a very small facets of joy that you will be able to bring to your life.
  • When you’re thinking about bringing new real estate projects to the town, you will definitely come across a few pessimistic people in the crowd.
  • The coach did have a pretty pessimistic approach towards the game as he knew that the opponents were pretty strong.
  • It is a well-known fact that you may be pessimistic in your life, but you are always optimistic when you on your deathbed.

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