Trite: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Trite in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Trite, Tritely and Triteness.

Trite Definition and Meaning with Examples

Trite (adjective) means dull, cliche (Check cliche in a sentence) or hackneyed.

The word generally refers to a comment, statement or remark which has been reputedly used and has no originality.

Anything which has become uninteresting because of its exhaustive use in the past can be called trite.

Add the word trite to your vocabulary and use it to describe a platitude or a stereotype. Associate it with an unimaginative piece of advice, overused compliment, predictable response, unoriginal statement or an uninspired reaction.

Trite: Other Grammatical Forms

Tritely (adverb)

Triteness (noun)

Trite in a Sentence Examples

1) I am not going to waste my time in a trite conversation from which I have nothing to learn. I’d rather talk to someone more erudite.

2) As trite and boring as it sounds, this is the truth my son. Now it’s up to you to accept it or not.

3) Their marriage began to sour as they continued to fight about trite matters and petty things. Day after day, they were inching closer to divorce.

4) She made a few trite comments and clichéd remarks during the presentation. Her body language also added to her unabashed display of boredom.

5) Don’t say that you love me so many times in the day that it sounds trite my ears. It is meant to be something special which is said occasionally.

6) His views are fairly trite but the newspapers keep printing them because he is a celebrity.

7) My mother has a habit of quoting trite proverbs every time she gives me advice or teaches me a lesson.

8) While my parents yammered, argued and shrieked, I sat on the bench and reflected on how trite their relationship had become.

9) Most of the sound bites and interviews shown on TV these days are trite and boring. There is no novelty in them whatsoever.

10) He uses trite pick-up line on different women and somehow, it always works.

Tritely in a Sentence Examples

1) They responded tritely to my complaints, but that came as no surprise because they were known to be inefficient.

2) In spite of the fact that you have made your point ineffectively and tritely, I find it important enough to be considered.

3) The politician delivered his speech tritely, with nothing new to offer to the people of this country.

4) If you reply tritely, you will be marked negatively. The jury is looking for candidates who can think out of the box.

5) I don’t how know how such a tritely made movie can go on to become a blockbuster at the box office.

6) He complimented me so tritely that I couldn’t believe one word that he said.

7) A tritely written story cannot be sent to the publishers unless you can yield some influence over them and get them to print it anyhow.

8) My subordinate wrote an email tritely but I let it go because all the required points were put across and that was more than enough.

9) He tritely and lazily gave his boutique eponymous title. He should have ideated a bit more and come up with something more fun.

10) This is a bad time for cinema – even tritely written love stories seem to be doing well.

Triteness in a Sentence Examples

1) I was sick of attending the same type of seminars. The triteness of their presentations frustrated me to no end.

2) The use of too many idioms and proverbs will add more triteness to your speech. Use your own words to make it sound more engaging.

3) I don’t want to tune into a discussion about the riots which is overflowing with triteness of the same content being churned in a different way.

4) The comedian’s script was full of triteness and jokes that people had already heard. Needless to say, the show was not a success.

5) The performances were great but the triteness of the dialogues spoiled the film for me. The writing could have been much better.

6) The triteness in their conversation reflected their tumultuous past and trying present.

7) The editor won’t approve this piece because it is full of triteness. He will prefer something more original and quirky.

8) The triteness of the beats and the commonplace melody made the song extremely pedestrian and humdrum.

9) His advice was full of triteness. I thought he could give me better ideas to rescue me out of my crisis.

10) The triteness of wedding ceremonies bores me. I’d rather stay at home and enjoy watching cartoons on TV instead.

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