How to Use Castigate in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Castigate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Castigate, Castigated, Castigating and Castigation.

Castigate Definition and Meaning with Examples

Castigate (verb) means to punish or rebuke.

The word refers to reprimanding or criticizing someone for their mistakes.

Castigate can also be used to describe the act of scolding someone or telling them off.

Create a sentence with the word castigate to suggest chastisement or the act of disciplining someone. Associate it with a teacher scolding a student for playing a prank, girlfriend nagging her boyfriend for doing something offensive or a manager criticizing a subordinate for being late.


Castigate: Other Grammatical Forms

Castigate (verb)

Castigated (verb)

Castigating (verb)

Castigation (noun)

Castigate in a Sentence Examples

1) You cannot castigate me in front of my son because I don’t want to let him see his mother being treated badly by his own father.

2) If you don’t castigate him when he actually makes the mistake, he will get away with it every time and never improve himself.

3) My teacher will not leave a single opportunity to castigate me as I am her least favorite student of all.

4) The decision to castigate and defame her in public has already been taken by her husband’s lawyer.


5) She didn’t need to castigate me in front of the world on Twitter, she could have told me scolded me in person.

6) The actor took the opportunity of the product launch to castigate a critic who had published rubbish about him earlier.

7) Unless you castigate them in public, they won’t understand. They have become so thick-skinned.

8) Let’s not eat on the carpet of the living room. I don’t want my mother to castigate me for tarnishing her impeccable upholstery when she gets back.

9) Whether you castigate him or not, he will continue to follow his wild streak and do as he pleases.

10) They didn’t want to go to the extent punishing him harshly for something so petty. They thought castigating him with rude words would be enough.


Castigated in a Sentence Examples

1) I was castigated by mother until a whole week just because I forgot to take the garbage out. Do you think that’s fair?

2) They were castigated for stealing money from the office, but no one asked them their motive behind doing such a thing.

3) They were sick of their teacher because they were being continuously castigated for doing nothing while the kids who played all the pranks went scot-free.

4) I have a feeling that I am going to be castigated by my father for coming home late.

5) My manager castigated me in the meeting for presenting an audacious idea. That was very unlike him because he always encouraged new ideas.

6) The father castigated his son over the most trivial things instead of addressing the real mistakes.

7) The government’s abrupt changes in the subsidy policies created a lot of uproar amongst people. They were also heavily castigated for it in the media.

8) He castigated the kids playing for playing ball in his driveway and blocking it. But they kept playing anyway.

9) If we are going to be castigated for not doing our dishes after dinner, we don’t have the slightest wish of staying here.

10) While they were getting castigated, I was taking pleasure in the fact that no one knew about me being the real culprit.

Castigating in a Sentence Examples

1) If you keep on castigating your son for no reason, he is going to wander away from you very soon.

2) I kept rebelling against my mother and she kept castigating me for my actions. Maybe we never really understood each other.

3) She hated her boyfriend’s castigating tone and his irritating habit of ordering her around all the time.

4) Before castigating her, do a little introspection and reflect on your own mistakes first.

5) Do you get sadistic pleasure in castigating your son? You seem to be doing it all the time.

Castigation in a Sentence Examples

1) The castigation will not stop until the teachers realize that better methods of giving criticism need to be unearthed.


2) Castigation is not going to help in our son’s case. He needs the love and care of a mother along with a counselor’s professional guidance.

3) His only aim was to tell them off but the casual remark eventually ended up in castigation.

4) The teachers apologized for openly castigating students in front of such an august gathering.

5) Coming to office late and dressing shabbily is a sure shot of way of welcoming castigation.

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