Gesticulate in a sentence

What does gesticulate mean? It means to talk while making gestures or talking in a very animated manner.

Noun: -gesticulator

Adjective: -overgesticulative

Sentence Examples: –

  • Upon getting angry, Mr Jon started to gesticulate so that he would be able to share his feelings with the other people.
  • Upon noticing that the person he was talking to was deaf, Jimmy started to gesticulate so that he would bring across his point to the deaf person.
  • It was the sensuous nature of the ballerina that went on to gesticulate her feelings, and led to an outpour of emotions on the stage.
  • When animals are more than willing to talk to you, they start to gesticulate so that you get an idea about their wants and desires.
  • The defendant was brought into the, and he started to gesticulate and show the jury as to what really happened in the night of the accident.
  • When the students are not allowed to talk to the others in the classroom, they take to gesticulate all their words and emotions.

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