Quintessential in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Quintessential in a sentence:- examples of Quintessential Sentence and Quintessentially.

Quintessential Definition and Meaning with Examples

Quintessential (adjective) means being the best representation of something or having the pure essence of something.

It can be used to describe the perfect embodiment of a quality, person or state.

Add quintessential to your vocabulary by associating it with something which is typical, almost to the point of being a stereotype.

This word is frequently associated with stock characters in books and movies, characteristics of cultures or nations and classic qualities of people.

Quintessential: Other Grammatical Forms

Quintessentially (adverb)

Quintessence (noun)

Quintessential in a Sentence Examples

1) He is the quintessential hero – a tall, dark and handsome man who looks dapper in a suit.

2) Going to the spa is the quintessential pastime of the rich and famous.

3) He is trying to be the quintessential heavy metal guitarist by wearing black clothes, having unkempt hair and getting lots of tattoos.

4) Turkey is the quintessential Thanksgiving dinner item.

5) Rebellion seems to be the quintessential mark of teenage across generations.

6) Vicky Cristina Barcelona was not a quintessential Woody Allen film. It was different than what he has made before.

7) She is the quintessential female boss with short hair, menacing attitude and a terrifying demeanor.

8) A quintessential road trip is incomplete without a convertible.

9) Princess Diana is often referred to as the quintessential princess because she was beautiful, had a fairy tale of a life, did great amounts of charity and her life wasn’t bereft of controversy.

10) Can you name a quintessential villain in Hollywood?

11) Don’t behave like the quintessential lover who is blind to everything in the world except his love. Step up and take charge.

12) Audrey Hepburn is known to be the quintessential example of elegance in fashion.

13) Shrewdness, astuteness and agility of thought are the quintessential qualities of a good businessman.

14) Lemonade is the quintessential summer drink for kids in America.

15) Seeing the skylines of metropolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles have has become a quintessential tourist experience for people visiting the states.

Quintessentially in a Sentence Examples

1) Apple is quintessentially quoted as an example to explain the concept of innovation to students in business schools.

2) The only thing that struck me when I read his work was that it was so quintessentially American in nature.

3) Wine is a quintessentially paired with meals in Europe, just like Coke is in America.

4) This street looks quintessentially Singaporean because it is spotlessly clean, full of designer boutiques and has perfectly manicured lawns.

5) Addressing friends, strangers or acquaintances as mate is a quintessentially Australian practice.

6) While you are vacationing in Cape Town, make sure bring home souvenirs that are quintessentially South African.

7) He displays qualities that would quintessentially belong to a British gentleman straight out of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

8) How can you categorize this as quintessentially Southeast Asian when its origins have been traced to Mongolia?

9) So many thriller movies are made in a style which is quintessentially Hitchcockian.

10) This kind of unpredictable weather is quintessentially Londondian.

11) People who display humility and politeness are quintessentially perceived as weak, which is not right. In fact, that is their very strength.

12) I wonder why Goths are perceived to be quintessentially evil?

13) Businessmen who become affluent overnight are assumed to be quintessentially corrupt. How else would they earn so much money in such little time?

14) She is quintessentially feminist in her point of view, don’t you dare act like a chauvinist in front of her.

15) The monuments you see in front of you are quintessentially Art Deco.

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