Quirky in a Sentence

What does quirky mean? It means somebody that has a lot of quirks/uncommon interests.

Noun: -quirkiness

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you think that your quirky sense of humor is one to be pleasing to me, then you have to try some different method.
  • That person is quirky to such an extent that he would make a fool of himself in front of the girl he loved on a daily basis just to see her smile.
  • I seem to have a quirky interest on the different kinds of suicides that a person has done through the different videos found in the Internet.
  • When you have a quirky obsession on cars, it certainly reflects in your persona.
  • With a lot of quirky talent in the mix, only time will tell whether you would be able to find yourself in close proximity to the judges of the talent show or not.
  • Anybody that has a quirky sense of humor will understand that this person is somewhat of a genius in his field and he would be able to go the extra mile for his craft.

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