Quotidian in a Sentence

What does quotidian mean? It means something that is customary and happens on an everyday basis.

Noun: -quotidianness

Sentence Examples: –

  • The gate closing ceremony between India and Pakistan is more quotidian then you could have ever imagined, particularly for the people that live in the border areas.
  • There are a lot of quotidian tasks which I have to do on a daily basis and get them completed before I can even think about leaving my desk to get the morning coffee.
  • If you are filled with quotidian jobs to do at your workplace, try and find some hobby that can keep you engaged while you are there.
  • In the hope and every possibility that you would want to become famous, do not try and become quotidian in your attempts of impressing the people that matter to you.
  • Every object has the possibility to look quotidian to you that is unless you actually take an interest in it.
  • It is the quotidian task of a Webmaster to go about his job and see that everything is correct within the website on a daily basis.

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