Use Tenacious In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Tenacious in a sentence:- examples of Tenacious Sentence, Tenaciously and Tenacity.

Tenacious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Tenacious (adjective) means having a strong grip.

In context, the word can also refer to relentlessness or steadfastness.

Other nuances of its meaning include being retentive or unforgetful.

Add tenacious to your vocabulary to describe a person, thing or emotion which is firm, stubborn, tireless or unwavering in nature. Associate it with people who are headstrong, firm grip, adhesiveness, uncompromising behavior, stubborn action or a good memory.

Tenacious: Other Grammatical Forms

Tenaciously (adverb)

Tenacity (noun)

Tenaciousness (noun)

Tenacious in a Sentence Examples

1) The victim was unable to run for her life because she could not let go of her attacker’s tenacious grip.

2) Friends have tenacious influence on each other, especially when they in their teens.

3) Your grandfather can narrate stories about his childhood in excruciating detail because he has a tenacious memory.

4) Don’t be deceived be her timid frame. She is actually quite tenacious.

5) His tenacious personality will make him do whatever he wants and get anything that he desires.

6) Her boyfriend had such a tenacious hold on her that she almost became subservient to him.

7) The virus seems to be pretty tenacious. No medicine has been able to cure his cold yet.

8) The politician’s tenacious speech proves that he will do anything to remain in power.

9) This situation has become as tenacious as quicksand. If you don’t attend to it immediately, it will suck you in.

10) Although this is not is the type of glue which sticks permanently, it is quite tenacious.

Tenaciously in a Sentence Examples

1) She held her own tenaciously. There was no way she was going to be defeated in the verbal battle.

2) He clenched his teeth tenaciously and decided to seek revenge.

3) The mountaineer clung to the cliff tenaciously, waiting for the recue team to arrive and save his life.

4) As a devout follower of religion, he stuck to his thoughts and beliefs tenaciously.

5) Although he received endless rejections from media houses, he continued to peddle his script around tenaciously.

6) You wouldn’t have lost the contract if you approached your clients more tenaciously.

7) He may not have won the battle, but he should be applauded for the way he fought tenaciously until his last breath.

8) The trauma patient couldn’t wipe out her nightmares which clung to her memory so tenaciously.

9) The more tenaciously you behave, the more he will try to annoy you by not rejecting your desperate proposal.

10) If the cause is philanthropic, she will work towards it tenaciously.

Tenacity in a Sentence Examples

1) The tenacity with which he defended her convinced me that he was in love.

2) My boss likes employees who show tenacity and protect their ideas.

3) Tenacity is one of the biggest attributes of a salesperson who goes knocking from one door to the other, selling goods or services.

4) My son’s tenacity becomes annoying, especially when he is fighting for the wrong things.

5) Lies told with tenacity and confidence can be made to sound like the truth.

6) It takes a lot of tenacity to become a film producer, considering the numbers of variables and inconsistencies involved in the process of making a film.

7) The lawyer who speaks with tenacity is likely to win the case.

8) The tenacity with which he pursued her, eventually made her come around.

9) Do you have the tenacity to follow your dreams no matter what the odds are?

10) As a detective, he is known for his tenacity rather than knowledge about his work.

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