Trajectory in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Trajectory in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Trajectory.

Trajectory Definition and Meaning with Examples

Trajectory (noun) means path or track. It refers to the course taken by a thing or person.

In literal terms, the word is used to describe the orbit or route of a body in space. But metaphorically, it can be used to suggest direction or orientation.

Any kind of trail or approach towards something can be termed as a trajectory.

For example, a graduate who applies for various positions in companies and seeks guidance of mentors can be said to have built a carefully planned career trajectory.

Trajectory: Other Grammatical Forms


Trajectory in a Sentence Examples

1) The trajectory for development has been set by the authorities. Now it’s all up to the public to make optimum use of it.

2) The present trajectory of development portrays a bright future for the country.

3) The film interweaves different trajectories and sub-plots to create an intricate pattern of storytelling.

4) The teacher set the trajectory for her students to innovate, read, question, interact and eventually flourish.

5) She took her manager’s advice regarding the trajectory of her career and how she should shape it in the future.

6) The trajectory on which the project was being taken ahead was commendable. Its successful completion was imminent.

7) The trajectory on which my son is proceeding with his academics is quite well-thought-out and impressive.

8) There are many trajectories you can follow. You must pick the one which will suit you best.

9) We sat together and decided upon the trajectory through which funds for the project would be brought in.

10) Amongst so many trajectories to success, she had to pick the one which would take her there in the least amount of time.

11) The trajectory of events was accurately elaborated in the article written by a senior journalist.

12) The son is following the same trajectory as his father. He too will join the family business.

13) The trajectory of the shot was deeply analyzed by experts on television as the country waited for the verdict with bated breath.

14) My son loves observing the trajectory of our airplane on his screen every time we travel abroad.

15) The company’s growth continued on an upwards trajectory even when other businesses were reeling under the pressure of a worldwide financial crisis.

16) He may have passed away but the trajectory of his efforts to help the underprivileged will continue to make a difference in third world countries.

17) It was amazing how the soccer player’s unique kicking style could alter and curve the trajectory of the ball while it was airborne.

18) His trajectory of going from a college dropout to the CEO of the world’s largest social networking website is sure to go down in history.

19) The country’s top astronomers were called in to study the meteor’s trajectory and ensure that there was no chance of a collision.

20) Don’t get carried away if you become successful. You must anticipate falls in your trajectory and be prepared for rainy days.

21) It is impossible to understand your life’s trajectory if you don’t take a bird’s eye view of the challenges you face.

22) The trajectory of the celebrity’s popularity dipped after reports emerged that she checked into rehab for unknown reasons.

23) If his current trajectory is anything to go by, he is likely to drop out of college soon. He rarely shows up in class and spends most of his time partying outside campus.

24) His career’s trajectory took a turn for the worse on the day he was caught and fired from the job for manipulating the reports.

25) The monthly sales report shocked the management. The phenomenal upwards trajectory was a result of a two hundred percent increase in sales after the company ran a new advertisement campaign.

26) He was one of the fastest pitchers in the game but he could never do much damage because he did not have control over the trajectory of ball.

27) The teenager’s trajectory was quite worrying for her parents because she had begun to display classic signs of addiction.

28) The stock market’s rising trajectory came to a grinding halt when some of the largest corporations posted dismal earnings figures.

29) The company was going to reconsider the trajectory of its growth and set higher goals for the coming year.

30) Extensive planning was being done to ensure that the trajectory followed by all the teams would keep them aligned together.

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