Use Throes in a sentence

Definition of Throes

Throes :[n] violent pangs of suffering; a hard or painful struggle or fight

Synonym  of Throes : agony

Antonym of Throes : comforts, healths, orders

use Throes in a sentence

A group of children discover a door in the back of a wardrobe which leads to a magical world in the throes of a battle between good and evil.

At times, Vincent was in good health and in seeming perfect control of his faculties; at others he was deep in the throes of complete mental breakdown.

It seems as if they were enduring the birth throes which are to bring in the new era.

Sometimes it can be too easy to get caught in the throes of competition and to forget why you are there in the first place.

By the tail end of 1973, the western world was in the throes of one of it’s man crisies.

Business, work, and with it community and social life are all in the throes of change.

This century has seen the Muslim world in the throes of crises and change, the struggle being between the “traditionalist” and the “progressives”.

He is currently in the throes of setting up his own Internet business and is hoping to study for an MBA.

His doom is sure; his back is broken and he is in his death throes.

He came to my room to find out if I was still in the throes of death and was most relieved to find me on my feet and getting ready for supper.


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