Adept: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Adept in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Adept, Adeptly and Adeptness.

Adept: Definition and Meaning

Adept (adjective) means skillful or proficient. It can be used to describe a person who has expertise in a certain area.

The noun form of adept refers to a person who is a master or champion in something.

Create a sentence using the word adept to suggest aptitude or talent. Associate it with a master craftsman, expert negotiator, talented businessman, smart friend, accomplished dancer, deft mechanic, skillful professor or any other person who can do something well.

Adept: Other Grammatical Forms

Adept (noun)

Adeptly (adverb)

Adeptness (noun)

Adept (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) My father is adept at teaching young children difficult math and science problems by breaking them down into fun activities.

2) Don’t worry about how she will host such a large party. She is more than adept in household chores and hospitality is her forte.

3) She was expecting to have a great year ahead because her class comprised adept pupils who were also very committed and hard-working.

4) Being an adept teacher, I am not surprised that she is being headhunted by the most prestigious schools in the state.

5) His adept ways will ensure that he witnesses meteoritic and unprecedented rise his professional journey.

6) Cats are adept at surviving by themselves. They don’t need constant company and pampering like dogs.

7) She is more adept at forging relationships with new vendors rather that serving existing clients. The company should recognize this and put her in the right place.

8) My little brother is very adept at getting what he wants. Unlike me, he wouldn’t ever think of compromising.

9) My mother has taught me to be adept in every area of life. My motto is to give everything my best shot.

10) No matter how adept you are with this program, the company will require you to enroll in the training course again.

Adept (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) He is an adept at generating funds for startups because he has been working with venture capitalists all his life.

2) He always aims to become an adept at whatever he does. This includes his hobby, professional endeavor or any other personal enterprise.

3) He wanted to send his daughter to a person who was an adept in Taekwondo, not just any other ordinary trainer.

4) My father is an adept at golf and likes to haughtily show off that no one has ever scored better than him.

5) As a politician, he is likely to be an adept at manipulating situations and making the most out of them.

Adeptly in a Sentence Examples

1) Since many years, the family has been running the meat business adeptly. The trend is likely to continue for generations.

2) He was voted to be the spokesperson of the political party because he could handle the media adeptly.

3) He is known to adeptly handle and manipulate people who criticize him without any substance or basis.

4) Many animals take to the water adeptly. It is an innate skill in them which doesn’t need to be taught.

5) She refused the invitation so adeptly that she didn’t even vaguely severe her relationship with any of the delegates.

6) You will be able to deal with this situation more adeptly once you have more knowledge in your area of study.

7) My mother has been adeptly creating small rugs and cushion covers out of all the excess cloth available in the house.

8) By blending into the local culture and talking to people in their language, she has adeptly gained votes from them.

9) A simple piece of cloth was converted into a beautiful scarf because it was embroidered adeptly.

10) Her marketing and communication skills have enabled her to sell herself to prospective employers very adeptly.

Adeptness in a Sentence Examples

1) The adeptness with which he approached the problem made me realize that he was an expert in his field of study.

2) His culinary adeptness was the reason he was loved by most homemakers and professional chefs.

3) They were paid heavily and given flight tickets to America because the company wanted to utilize their technical adeptness.

4) This bunch of students has excelled in every subject and shown academic adeptness in every project undertaken last year.

5) Instead of looking at repair work as a chore, look at it as an opportunity to show your technical adeptness.

6) The adeptness with which he solved problems inspired everyone to be like him and achieve the heights that he had scaled in his profession.

7) Our manager was going to judge us by the level of adeptness we showed in completing the project.

8) The programmer was lauded for the adeptness of all his designs, their interactivity and uniqueness in every aspect.

9) It was her counsel, assistance and adeptness that made us stand out from the crowd and get the winning edge in the competition.

10) I wish I had my brother’s professional adeptness so that I would never have to worry about failing in a project or lagging behind.

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