How to use Alacrity in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Alacrity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Alacrity and Alacritous.

Alacrity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Alacrity (noun) means eagerness or keenness. It can be used to describe a person who shows liveliness or cheerfulness.

It refers to positive qualities of willingness or briskness in actions, words or behavior.

Create a sentence with the word alacrity to express zeal or enthusiasm.

A cat eagerly pouncing on a mouse, child running towards a balloon store or quick acceptance of instructions suggest alacrity.

Alacrity: Other Grammatical Forms

Alacritous (adjective)

Alacrity in a Sentence Examples

1) His alacrity and zest for life are inspirational. Even at the age of the seventy, he does things that a teenager can’t.

2) The way they accepted our gifts with alacrity was very strange. It seemed that they were more interested in our gifts than our presence in the party.

3) The team is moving ahead in the direction of success with great alacrity. They are poised to win in every way.

4) My son ran the race with alacrity. His ultimate dream was to win and make his school proud.

5) The customer service representative responded to my email with alacrity. I had a pleasant experience interacting with her.

6) If you show some more alacrity, your manager will be more comfortable in allotting responsibility to you.

7) She was stunned to see the alacrity with which the young girl was helping her mom unload the cart at the supermarket.

8) Teenagers are fickle. They will display great alacrity in the beginning. Soon their interest will begin to fizzle out.

9) The company is hiring new talent with alacrity. This has surprised many other players of the business world.

10) They thought he would be hesitant to grace the event, but he surprised everyone by accepting the invite with alacrity.

11) They laid down an ambitious and innovative proposal but received a pallid response. There was no sign of alacrity among the investors.

12) As soon as my dog sniffed the biscuit in my hand, he ran towards me with renewed alacrity.

13) As soon as she heard that the cast of her favorite movie had been spotted in a mall, she ran towards her car with alacrity.

14) The kids were dull when they were made to read books. The minute they were sent out to play, the moved around with alacrity.

15) She heard the story with alacrity. I could see from her expressions that she was mesmerized by the style of the raconteur.

16) Finishing a puzzle or crossword in five minutes flat is a sheer display of intellectual capability and alacrity.

17) The alacrity with which the paperwork was carried out impressed the customer so much that he decided to return to the same shop.

18) Even though she was completely exhausted, she spoke to me with alacrity.

19) The wedding preparations were in full swing. All the uncles and aunts of the family got together and decorated the house with alacrity.

20) He captivated the audience with his engaging style and alacrity in method of presentation.

21) Alacrity towards your work is something that comes from within. It’s not something which you can force.

22) Sitting on the bed with a fractured leg, I became nostalgic about my childhood when I would run around with alacrity.

23) The monkeys in the zoo are infamous for the alacrity with which they snatch food from hands of tourists.

24) Before I could even finish my sentence, he accepted my terms and conditionals with alacrity.

25) She devoured the soup with great alacrity. She seemed relieved to eat good food after being overseas for so many months.

Alacritous in a Sentence Examples

1) He took alacritous strides, showing how enthusiastic he was about being present at the meeting.

2) She is an alacritous student. She grasps new concepts easily and reads extra material on the subject even without being told.

3) His alacritous behavior and general effervescence was the reason everyone loved spending time with him.

4) He is an alacritous person who is always ready to help everyone in need.

5) The panther is an alacritous animal, much different to the lazy slob who does nothing all day.

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