What does affable mean? It means to approach someone pleasantly, and show a lot of politeness.

Noun: -affablity

Adjective: -unaffable

Sentence Examples:

  • Instead of trying to think of yourself on a high horse, it is very important for you to be affable and be at one with the people that surround you. Only then will you get people to listen to you.
  • Since it was the nature of Jerry to remain affable to everyone, it was obvious that he had a lot of friends.
  • I do not like being affable to people that are predominantly jerks; I have to ensure that I maintain my seriousness with them.
  • Jennifer is a wonderful girl who is very This has led to her gaining a lot of new friends in the new school.
  • Cancer can take away a lot of your happiness, but the affable nature of Jimmy was something that even cancer could not defeat.
  • If you try and be affable, you can be sure of the fact that your life would be enriched by a lot of good people.

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