Aftermath in a Sentence

What does aftermath mean? It means something that is to follow after a particular event, mostly leading to bad circumstances.

Sentence Examples: –

  • In the aftermath of the tragedy, there were a lot of cognitive reasons as to why the accident did happen, and the law enforcement agencies were looking at possible causes.
  • In the aftermath of the act, the school play was suspended as the lead actor developed a sick stomach, and had to be hospitalized urgently.
  • While looking at the aftermath of the Kalinga war, Asoka thought to himself that so many lives went away only for the pride of a king, and vowed to never fight in any war ever again.
  • When looking at the aftermath of the suicide bombing, the relief agencies could only see bodies of people lying around, and it made for a very gruesome tale at the end of the day.
  • One of the things that people do not expect is the aftermath of any tragedy, they find this to be extremely humbling experience, particularly if the tragedy is due to a natural disaster.

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