Aghast in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Aghast in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Aghast.

Aghast Definition and Meaning with Examples

Aghast (adjective) means horrified, appalled or thunderstruck. It can be used to describe the feeling of being stunned or shell-shocked by anything that is unpleasant, horrible, unexpected or unbelievable.

Aghast carries a negative connotation and usually refers to a person who is gobsmacked out or horror, fright or amazement.

Create a sentence with the word aghast to suggest the look of shock on a person’s face, feeling of being taken aback or carrying a wide-mouthed expression out of sheer dreadfulness.

For instance, being aghast is the feeling that a girl’s parents would get if her boyfriend started dancing on a table in front of them for no reason. Similarly if a celebrated chef served his customers charred food they would be left aghast.

Aghast: Other Grammatical Forms


Aghast in a Sentence Examples

1) His wife was aghast to hear that he splurged $15,000 on a new motorcycle especially when there were so many other important things they needed to buy.

2) The aghast audience couldn’t bear to see the graphic documentary any longer.

3) She looked aghast in the selfie that he took with her. The expression on her face was loud enough to convey that she never wanted to take a picture with him in the first place.

4) Aghast at the way her friends made fun of her at school, she decided never to talk to them again.

5) She was aghast to see her boyfriend staring at other girls on the beach.

6) The fans were aghast when they came to know that the band had cancelled the show. Luckily, the organizer said that the tickets would be refunded.

7) The whole country is aghast at the news of their beloved leader’s death. His political legacy will live on in the minds of generations to come.

8) The mother was aghast when she got a call from the school principal who said that her son had been suspended.

9) His mom and dad were aghast to see how badly he had injured himself on the football field.

10) I admire how my boss can keep a stoic expression on his face even when he is facing big problems. Anyone else in his place would find it hard to not be aghast.

11) My property search left me aghast. The prices had skyrocketed and I realized that I should have bought my first home long time back.

12) How she was not aghast upon hearing about the death of her best friend was a real mystery. Maybe their relationship had soured over the years.

13) He was aghast as well as heartbroken when he spotted his girlfriend with another guy at the mall. On the phone, she had told him that she was studying at home.

14) There wasn’t a single person in the rally who wasn’t aghast at the disturbing comments made by the politician.

15) The scientists were aghast at the new findings. It meant that all their earlier theories were based on a faulty assumption.

16) Aghast at the new government policy, the union workers rallied through the downtown streets in a peaceful yet massive protest.

17) The mayor was aghast after watching the dismally maintained streets in the crime-riddled suburb. He immediately asked his advisor to draw up a plan to revitalize the ailing areas.

18) My mom’s aghast expression on stepping off the roller coaster ride was priceless. We all tricked her into believing that it would not be terrifying.

19) Aghast at seeing the nasty comments she had received on her latest selfie on Facebook, she immediately deleted it.

20) The diners were aghast at how long they had to wait for their food. Everyone left their tables halfway through dinner service and vowed never to return to the restaurant again.

21) The sheer shamelessness with which the pop star twerked on-stage in a thong in front of a family audience, left everyone aghast.

22) I just heard my favourite band’s new album and I must say that I am aghast. I never expected them to deviate from their usual peppy tunes and create songs that so dark and gloomy.

23) There was not a single person in the whole stadium that wasn’t aghast at their team’s loss against the outsiders.

24) Aghast at the poor customer service at the local branch, she wrote a scathing letter to the bank’s grievances department.

25) The visitors were aghast at the unkemptness of the hotel rooms that they had booked online. They were expecting much better from a hotel of such high repute.

26) I was aghast and speechless when my colleague told me that she was thinking about moving overseas.

27) Aghast is a very timid word to describe how I felt when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. It felt as if my whole world had come to an end.

28) Being a cat lover herself, she was aghast when her boyfriend told her that he didn’t like cats.

29) We were aghast to see how cruelly the dogs were treated at the kennel.

30) All the members were aghast because no one had expected the opponent to pull off a landslide victory in the local council elections.

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