How to use Ambivalent in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Ambivalent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ambivalent, Ambivalently and Ambivalence.

Ambivalent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ambivalent (adjective) means mixed, fluctuating or unsure.

The word can be used to describe the condition of having doubtful or contradictory feelings about something or someone.

Ambivalent can also refer to swinging between two options, resulting in not caring about either. To be in two minds or to sit on the fence are the idioms which capture the meaning of this word.

Make a sentence with the word ambivalent to suggest uncertainty in making up an opinion or a vacillating attitude. For example, if a movie has your favorite actor but your least favorite actress, you’d be ambivalent about watching it.

Ambivalent: Other Grammatical Forms

Ambivalently (adverb)

Ambivalence (noun)

Ambivalent in a Sentence Examples

1) Her feelings towards her new boyfriend are still ambivalent. She isn’t convinced if he is the right man for her or not.

2) Don’t ask her what kind of movies she likes watching. She is ambivalent about all this stuff.

3) The couple was ambivalent about buying a house because they couldn’t find a place that fit into their budget.

4) It is natural to be ambivalent about investing when you are young, but the earlier you start, the better it is for you.

5) My mother was not upset because my sister got low grades but because she had always been ambivalent about what she wanted to do in her life.

6) Even though he is an international celebrity, he is ambivalent about the necessity of success and fame in life.

7) The guests were quite ambivalent about donating to charity without knowing enough about the organization.

8) I know you are not a foodie but you don’t need to be ambivalent at the dinner table, especially when the hosts ask you if you liked the spread of not.

9) The recruiters felt ambivalent about hiring her after scanning through her referrals and recommendations which didn’t seem that impressive.

10) There’s no point in asking his opinion about anything because he is a generally ambivalent person.

Ambivalently in a Sentence Examples

1) When they asked her whether she was feeling homesick after beginning college interstate or not, she replied ambivalently.

2) Instead of thinking so ambivalently about your future, you are better off seeking a career counselor’s guidance.

3) She will act ambivalently about the project until you convince her that it is worth investing her money in.

4) She shook her head ambivalently, not knowing what to say about a person she did not like in the first place.

5) The celebrity answered all the questions ambivalently without any conviction, as if he was constantly worried about the repercussionsof his words.

6) The statesman’s ambivalently given replies proved that the tree planting project was indeed an eyewash and nothing was actually going to be done.

7) My dad viewed my decision of moving away from home at such a young age very ambivalently. He wasn’t convinced that I could survive on my own.

8) If you behave ambivalently towards the passions of your children, they will become wayward and figure things out on their own.

9) These are the kind of people who sway with flow of the wind. The will ambivalently talk about something on one day and turn around completely on the next.

10) My mother supported two of her favorite teams quite ambivalently – which means she supported the one which was likelier to win.

Ambivalence in a Sentence Examples

1) There is too much ambivalence about the decision to be taken for the commencement of the project.

2) There is a sense of ambivalence form the people regarding the election of the city’s mayor this year.

3) The government put its ambivalence on display by starting the construction, ending it abruptly and then commencing it one again.

4) The ambivalence and a slight shadow of doubt in his replies shook my belief in the fact that he could win the case.

5) The ambivalence regarding my marriage to a person of a different nationality was palpable. Everyone was happy for me but didn’t know how the marriage would turn out.

6) Should I go to my ex-boyfriend’s birthday party or not – the ambivalence is killing me.

7) The apparent ambivalence for dining at a fancy hotel disappeared in thin air when we all found out that they were offering heavy discounts.

8) How can a person have so much ambivalence regarding selecting a present for someone, especially if they claim to know them really well?

9) Ambivalence has no place in an argument. Either you take sides or quit talking.

10) People conveniently raise issues and then show ambivalence when the time to take a decision finally arrives.

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