Complacent in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Complacent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Complacent, Complacency and Complacently.

What does Complacent mean and Compacent Definition ?

Complacent (adjective) means to be satisfied or pleased with oneself to the extent of being indifferent to the harm that such behavior may cause. It refers to the feeling of being satiated with circumstances and not feeling the need to make any changes.

Complacent has negative connotations and it is usually used to suggest contentment which may be harmful.

Use complacent in your vocabulary to describe lack of concern or detachment that may cause potential dangers. It can also be used to describe a person who is so satiated with his circumstances that he doesn’t care about anything else anymore.

Complacent is typically used in a context similar to the idiom rest on your laurels.

Complacent: Other Grammatical Forms

Complacency (noun)

Complacently (adverb)

Complacence (noun)

Complacent in a Sentence Examples

1) If success, fame and wealth are not dealt with maturely, they can make a person complacent.

2) Her complacent behavior irked everyone at work. No one was being able to get any work done because of her inefficiency.

3) Undeserved praise from his boss has made him complacent.

4) How can you be so complacent to the threats that you have been getting via email? Aren’t you scared?

5) One of the biggest mistakes that many entrepreneurs make after becoming successful is becoming complacent. They should, in fact, be working even harder.

6) The government has become complacent about the development of this area because it expects its wealthy inhabitants to manage everything themselves.

7) Just because the company has been making profits year after year, investors should not become complacent and think that it will yield good return every time.

8) Researchers are known to be become complacent about their research once they receive their grants.

9) Both sisters are opposites of each other. While one is pedantic about everything, the other one is just complacent.

10) Keep updating yourself in your area of expertise, else you may become complacent. Then you won’t be called an expert.

Complacency in a Sentence Examples

1) Complacency in employees brought in by advanced technology is one of the biggest poisons eating up modern organizations.

2) Complacency will destroy everything that she has achieved with so much determination and hard work over so many years.

3) The excess profitability from the previous year has induced complacency among all the teammates.

4) You have worked so hard at the gym and lost so much weight. This is not the time to give it all up and show complacency.

5) Nations that are called superpowers should not show complacency about their strength. Else, they may soon lose their title.

6) Complacency set in among students because there was no one to supervise the class for a few weeks.

7) Successful people have no room for mediocrity or complacency in their professional and personal lives.

8) The university has only been surviving on its brand name from the past few years. There is complacency in every other aspect.

9) As the man of the house, he shouldn’t have shown complacency towards the safety of his family.

10) Even after so many new players entered the market, he never ceased to be the best. The reason being, that he always updated his technical knowhow and never displayed complacency.

Complacently in a Sentence Examples

1) She smiled complacently when she realized that she was right. What she didn’t realize is that she might not be right every time.

2) Our boss gave us orders complacently. He was used to sitting with his feet up while we got his work done.

3) The gang leader smiled complacently when the cops came to his place because he knew that they had no grounds to arrest him.

4) Don’t treat your health complacently just because you are young and agile.

5) All those companies who have behaved complacently towards changing consumer tastes have died a slow death.

6) Every nation is reacting complacently to the threats posed by global warming. It almost seems like Mother Nature has been taken for granted.

7) I was shocked to see the way she reacted so complacently on hearing the news about the war breakout. It was as if she didn’t care as long as her own house was not being bombed.

8) I will not behave complacently and continue sleeping while you take part in the protests and shed your blood.

9) If they behaved complacently during the elections, an amazing leader would have never come to power and so much progress would have never been made.

10) Discoveries and inventions have always been made by people who show curiosity, not those who behave complacently.

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