Anguish in a Sentence

What does anguish mean? It means someone that happens to be suffering from some kind of excruciating pain or happens to be in distress.

Sentence Examples: –

  • When my dog died, the anguish that went through me was unbearable to say the least. However, I had to pick up my thoughts for my own safety.
  • It was the howling of the dog in anguish that led to me getting to see the dog in such a sorry state.
  • Although there were a lot of things to be told to her, the anguish that my daughter felt at this particular moment could not be taken away by any kind of gifts.
  • It was the dictator that caused a lot of anguish amongst his people; so when the revolution did happen, the outcry and the outpouring of emotions was something to be expected.
  • It is only natural for people to feel a lot of anguish upon breakup; one has to remember that everything happens for the better.
  • It is only when the actor poured into his personal anguish did he realize that his life was not the same.

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