Ardent: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Ardent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ardent, Ardently and Ardency.

Ardent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ardent (adjective) means passionate or enthusiastic. It refers to a person who is zealous regarding something.

Any action or emotion that shows fervor, dedication keenness or intensity can be described by the word ardent.

In its literal sense, it can also refer to glowing or shining eyes.

An avid book reader, sincere lover, eager yearning, passionate affection or dedicated efforts can be described by ardent.

Ardent: Other Grammatical Forms

Ardently (adverb)

Ardency (noun)

Ardent in a Sentence Examples

1) He is an ardent lover of poetry. He can recite many famous works with ease.

2) He will do anything to ensure that this project sees the light of the day because he is an ardent supporter of organizations who work against climate change.

3) She melted when she saw her daughter’s ardent eyes looking up at her in the toy store. She knew that she had to buy her something or else she would break her little girl’s heart.

4) The band has always enjoyed a small but ardent fan following.

5) The victim made an ardent appeal to the judge to give the accused maximum punishment for his crimes.

6) Being an ardent animal lover, he took the homeless kittens and tediously went through all the procedures to make them safe to be domesticated.

7) It’s good that you are ardent about being successful but your desire by itself won’t help. You must work hard and persevere until you reach your goals.

8) He is an ardent gamer and spends half of the day locked up in his room playing games on his laptop.

9) She quit her job and sold her car to take a break and travel the world. She’s always been ardent about going to new places and meeting new people.

10) You’ll never lose weight if you aren’t ardent about looking good and living a healthy lifestyle.

Ardently in a Sentence Examples

1) Our professor very ardently lent his support to us for the noble cause we were working towards.

2) They yearned for each other so ardently that they decided to spend their savings and buy a plane ticket to meet halfway.

3) They are ardently looking forward for their son to come back from his overseas business stint of five years.

4) The CEO believed in promoting employees who displayed a tendency to work ardently, rather than hire someone externally.

5) It’s good to have degrees and educational qualifications but nothing can replace the will to ardently follow dreams and work hard.

6) When they were dating, they used to hug ardently and endlessly. All the romance fizzled out after they got married.

7) By looking at the way they behaved in public, you could tell that they both loved each other ardently and didn’t care about what anyone else thought.

8) The little girl ardently hugged her dad who surprised her by coming early from deployment.

9) The whole town came out on the streets to ardently protest the multinational company’s plans to deforest the entire area for a residential development.

10) Getting a promotion is not easy. You will have to ardently persuade your bosses and convince them that you deserve it.

Ardency in a Sentence Examples

1) The ardency with which we see you practicing the game is commendable. Why can’t you do the same for your studies?

2) In life, an unrealistic ardency for perfection will often create more problems than solutions.

3) The boss appreciated the team’s ardency to deliver the project on time even though it meant that they had to work overtime without any extra pay.

4) Even at fifty, my grandpa’s ardency apparent when he decided to take guitar lessons. It shows that you can never be too old to learn new things in life.

5) Although he did not get selected in the top five, the talent show judges lauded his ardency of becoming a performer.

6) We are all inspired by his ardency and his positive attitude towards life.

7) The ardency with which they live their lives even after having gone through so much grief is truly remarkable.

8) He became bankrupt after he let his ardency of vintage cars get the better of him. He had recently remortgaged his house to purchase a first generation Camaro.

9) Successful entrepreneurs are those who believe in their ardency towards an idea no matter what other people say.

10) If you want to silence your critics, you must back your ardency to win with discipline and hard work. That’s the only way to prove everyone wrong.

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