Anonymous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Anonymous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Anonymous, Anonymously and Anonymity.

Anonymous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Anonymous (adjective) means nameless or unrecognized. It refers to someone who chooses to remain unknown or unidentified on purpose or otherwise.

Anonymous also refers to something which is unattributed because of its source being unknown.

Anonymous can also suggest something which is indistinct and nondescript with no striking features.

Add anonymous to your vocabulary by using it to describe someone who is faceless or something which is incognito. Associate it with things like unsigned letters, unknown donors, characterless homes or secretive actions.

Anonymous: Other Grammatical Forms

Anonymously (adverb)

Anonymity (noun)

Anonymousness (noun)

Anonymous in a Sentence Example

1) I wish I could meet the person who has written this poem. Unfortunately, he or she has chosen to be anonymous.

2) Everyone wondered why the coach of such a successful football team would choose to stay anonymous.

3) The two sisters are complete opposites of each other. While one runs after fame, the other chooses to remain anonymous even after receiving success.

4) The advent of social media has made it very easy to be anonymous.

5) Although the movie review is anonymous, the writing style gives away the author’s identity.

6) The poor artist remained anonymous all his life. He received all awards posthumously.

7) I wonder why a wealthy man like him chose to live in such an anonymous house.

8) Although she wore a mask to remain anonymous, the unique color of her eyes gave her away.

9) The black writer published his work anonymously because he didn’t want his readers to access his work with an ethnic lens.

10) The anonymous contribution of such a magnitude was indeed laudable.

Anonymously in a Sentence Example

1) The police couldn’t get much information from the letter because it was anonymously written.

2) Don’t worry about your identity being revealed in this survey. It is being conducted anonymously.

3) The anonymously sent parcel added to the mystery of the case.

4) Although the heiress wanted to donate anonymously, she couldn’t because of all the paparazzi around her.

5) He bought the painting anonymously because he did not want the artist to recognize him and give him a discount.

6) My father has helped homeless kids anonymously since many years now.

7) The decision was made anonymously so that no one would be caught in the public eye.

8) The king abandoned all his regality and lived anonymously in the forest for a decade.

9) The best part about the support group is that it functions anonymously. No one will be able to know that you are going there.

10) To be able to handle the situation more efficiently, he chose to operate anonymously.

Anonymity in a Sentence Example

1) The student requested the teacher to maintain his anonymity for avoiding any wrath from his classmates for speaking against them.

2) It is difficult to maintain anonymity, especially when celebrities are involved.

3) The choice of anonymity was a stupid one on his part. Now someone else has walked away with the credit of his success.

4) Such anonymity is not acceptable. The student who played the prank must put his or her hands up.

5) I advise you to write with anonymity if you are planning to express such radical views.

6) His anonymity gave him the freedom to say what he wanted to say and do what he wanted to do.

7) Anonymity is the biggest strength of the gang. They look identical that they render spy cameras useless.

8) There is a sweet pleasure in anonymity – that people can’t judge you.

9) All the row houses painted in the same shade of pink added to the anonymity of the neighborhood.

10) The anonymity of the house helped the gangster to hide safely for a longer duration.

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