How to use Charisma in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Charisma in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Charisma, Charismatic and Charismatically.

Charisma: Definition and Meaning

Charisma (noun) means personal charm or attractiveness. It has evangelical and theological meanings but is most popularly used to describe an alluring personality.

The word charismatic refers to an attribute which enables a person to exercise influence and generate enthusiasm among others. It is that nebulous quality called the X factor which makes a person loved, admired and adored by the rest.

Add the word charisma to your vocabulary to express the magnetic charm of a person that draws others to him or her.

The quality of charisma is usually associated actors, politicians, rockstars, leaders, managers or businessmen who are influential public figures. Other people can also be said to have charisma if they have an attractive personality.

Charisma: Other Grammatical Forms

Charisma (noun)

Charismatic (adjective)

Charismatically (adverb)

Charisma in a Sentence Examples

1) It was her charisma that made her such a popular executive coach who was wanted by every other top management executive in the industry.

2) He is a politician with a lot of wealth, contacts and good education. But he may not become so successful because he lacks charisma.

3) We are expecting the actor to arrive and unfurl his charisma, making a simple event like a book launch exciting.

4) Her sheer charisma on screen in enough to skyrocket the sales of our newly launched soda drink.

5) Most TV anchors that I like have a certain amount of screen presence, charisma and a spontaneous manner of tailoring conversation.


6) It is impossible to say whether charisma can be developed in a person or is it an innate attribute.

7) It does not matter if you don’t have million dollar looks, but you must possess some amount of charisma to win people’s hearts.

8) His charisma sets the stage on fire and his performance makes everyone’s hearts melts. No wonder he is touted to be the world’s next biggest rockstar.

9) The more you try to emulate the charisma of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, the more you will fall flat on your face.

10) Unparalleled charisma, unlimited confidence and unrestrictive eloquence – she has everything it takes to be a successful public figure.

Charismatic in a Sentence Examples

1) It was surprising to see the charismatic actor getting stumped by a couple of questions that the reporter asked him about his personal life.


2) The charismatic way in which he spoke to the people of the community inspired them tremendously.

3) The delivery of his speech was charismatic enough to lure the listeners into taking immediate action for the betterment of the community.

4) Charismatic leaders are often more successful in ensuring that their message percolates through the masses.

5) His charismatic presence added more jubilance to the party. He made everyone laugh by cracking his one-liner jokes.

6) If you want to be a charismatic orator, you should make more eye contact with the audience and ask them more questions to increase interactivity.

7) Being the charismatic businessman that he is, he will surely squeeze out the best deal.

8) My daughter aspires to be a charismatic leader just like Hillary Clinton. She wants to walk in the footsteps of women who have changed the world in their own ways.

9) One of the reasons why she was fortunate enough to have a wonderful career is because she has a charismatic father figure to guide her all along.

10) He knew that he could use his charismatic demeanor to charm woman whenever and wherever he wanted.

Charismatically in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave the speech so charismatically that everyone gave her a standing ovation which lasted for five minutes.

2) He charismatically persuaded all the students to spare a day and be a part of the drive for cleanliness which was going to take place in the city.

3) She told the kids a beautiful story about a fairy so charismatically that they were all mesmerized and transported to a different world.

4) They sang and danced so charismatically at the party that all the attendees named it the most happening party of the year.

5) The businessman replied charismatically to all the questions posed by the interviewer, whether they were about his personal or professional life.

6) Having prepared a great presentation is one thing, delivering it charismatically to get investors on board is another.

7) She flashed her beautiful smile and waved to him charismatically, knowing that her sensual gesture would bring him to her.

8) The reality TV show was looking for singers who not just sang well, but sang charismatically and enthralled the audience.

9) He has the ability of speaking to people charismatically even if he is not in a good mood or he has had a fight with someone.

10) Our boss impressed everyone charismatically with tall claims about quick promotions when we joined, but he failed to stick to any of his promises.

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