How to use Clandestine in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Clandestine in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Clandestine, Clandestinely, Clandestineness and Clandestinity.

Clandestine Meaning and Definition

Clandestine (adjective) means secret or hidden. It can be used to describe anything which is kept concealed because of its unlawful nature.

Anything which is done undercover or in a sneaky manner can be called clandestine.

Use the word clandestine to suggest covertness or stealth. It is generally used to describe activities of grave nature that are carried out secretly. It can also be occasionally used to convey a furtive act of lesser gravity, such as stealing cookies from the drawer.

Under the table transactions, underground protests, secret leaking of information and private conversations are called clandestine.


Clandestine: Other Grammatical Forms

Clandestinely (adverb)

Clandestineness (noun)

Clandestinity (noun)

Clandestine in a Sentence Examples

1) More money was being offered for the job because it was clandestine and dangerous in nature.

2) He used clandestine means to steal his manager’s password and transfer all the money from his account.

3) Your clandestine operations are going to put you in trouble. It is better if you come out clean very soon.

4) They provided clandestine information to the police which could not be procured anywhere else.


5) Everyone thinks that he has gone on a clandestine trip to meet people and do things that he is generally not allowed to.

6) The phone conversation was required to be absolutely clandestine as it was regarding a big political expose that was going to shock the country.

7) Many migrants cross borders in a clandestine manner without carrying any official documents or identification.

8) They got together at a secluded, clandestine venue to plot their next burglary.

9) The only reason that our actions have been clandestine is that that the government has misunderstood our intentions.

10) Instead of saving money that he earned from his second job, he used it to fuel his clandestine vices.


Clandestinely in a Sentence Examples

1) It was funny to see how my daughter clandestinely stole brownies from the kitchen shelf and lied to me about not eating them.

2) If you tell your parents about your new boyfriend, you won’t have to keep meeting him so clandestinely.

3) I don’t want you to be in his company. He was recently caught sending money clandestinely from one place to the other.

4) The protesters decided that they should get more people to join their rally clandestinely, as they did not want to be caught by the cops.

5) She kept in touch with the spy clandestinely even though it was dangerous for her for to do so. She had fallen in love with him.

6) They’ve been forced to make their music clandestinely because the lyrics of their songs are anti-establishment.

7) Even though the prospect of becoming a partner in the business seemed very lucrative, she declined the offer because it was being conducted clandestinely.

8) The local authorities will soon know about the shed that you have clandestinely built in your backyard along with and the illicit trade you conduct there.

9) Our rivals could launch their product campaign much faster than us because confidential information had been clandestinely passed to them.

10) The chemical was clandestinely produced and sold because it was banned in the country.

Clandestineness in a Sentence Examples

1) It was the clandestineness of the business that made people doubt its reliability and trustworthiness.

2) There was an eerie undertone to the book. It probably came from the clandestineness with which it was written.


3) Clandestineness of action and words was a prerequisite for joining the underground movement which was started by the activist.

4) Being in the midst of so many people, maintaining clandestineness was becoming impossible.

5) I have told my kids clearly that doing things with clandestineness will get them into trouble.


Clandestinity in a Sentence Examples

1) As a government organization which was accountable to the public, they could not afford to maintain clandestinity.

2) Newspapers went berserk while reporting about the clandestinity of the minister’s personal affairs and how he had been living a parallel life all along.

3) Clandestinity in this matter is not going to help. In fact, it will only add fuel to the fire.


4) People who go about their tasks with clandestinity often have a guilty conscience.


5) The reason for the clandestinity of the project eventually came to light when it was reported that they were indulging in several anti-social activities.

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