How to use Churlish In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Churlish in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Churlish, Churlishly and Churlishness.

Churlish Definition and Meaning with Examples

Churlish (adjective) means rude or surly. It can be used to describe behavior which is unpleasant, mean or deliberately discourteous.

The meaning of churlish can also refer to a person or a material which is difficult to deal with.

It can also be used as a synonym for rude, vulgar or inconsiderate.

Use churlish to express a person’s boorish behavior or mean-spiritedness. Associate the word with things like unpleasant remarks, ungracious actions or anything which is uncouth.

Churlish: Other Grammatical Forms

Churlishly (adverb)

Churlishness (noun)

Churlish in a Sentence Examples

1) His churlish behavior at parties puts women off and gives him a bad reputation. Now do you understand why his friends prefer not to invite him to their parties?

2) Have you noticed your child’s churlish behavior on Facebook these days?

3) It was very churlish of you to not call your classmate just because you don’t like him.

4) What you did today wasn’t right. You should have thought twice before shouting out those churlish remarks in front of everyone.

5) It was his churlish comment that started the fight. He should have behaved better.

6) This fabric isn’t too easy to embroider or paint on because it’s too churlish.

7) Not opening the door for a woman not only shows a lack of chivalry, but is also churlish.

8) She should have written a polite letter declining the interview request, instead of sending an email in such a churlish tone.

9) The fact that he hated me was made obvious with his churlish, smirk and sarcastic remarks. I should have known from the very beginning.

10) How churlish of you to not even thank the store owner after he gave you a freebie?

Churlishly in a Sentence Examples

1) The prince behaved churlishly when he came to know that he was not going to be given preference because of his royal status.

2) The interviewer churlishly rejected the applicant just because she didn’t dress well.

3) Why is it conveniently acceptable when celebrities behave churlishly?

4) I can’t believe how churlishly some kids speak to their parents if their demands are not fulfilled.

5) After people started taking advantage of his niceness, the janitor has now started to churlishly shoo away visitors to the museum after its closing house.

6) As a customer service representative, you can’t afford to speak churlishly. Being nice to customers is one of the most important aspects of your job profile.

7) To everyone’s shock and utter surprise, he dressed churlishly to his own felicitation ceremony.

8) The protestors unleashed their churlishness on the government in their acidic letter.

9) The minister churlishly travelled in his Mercedes when the rest of the nation was gripped in an acute fuel shortage.

10) She was churlishly dumped by her boyfriend for another girl. Karma will definitely come back to him.

Churlishness in a Sentence Examples

1) The churlishness of those annoying kids makes them very difficult to handle.

2) Your may get your way with your churlishness right now, but it will come and bite you in the back when you have no money.

3) Her vivacious smile washes away all the hurt caused by her rampant churlishness.

4) Your churlishness is not going to be acceptable in the office. You can throw your tantrums at home but not in this professional environment.

5) The churlishness in their body language was enough let us to know that we were not welcome in their home.

6) He is like a chameleon and it is very hard to predict his behavior. Sometimes he is extremely kind-hearted and other times, he is extremely churlish.

7) It is a pity how money can change people. Her wealth makes her think that she can get away with her churlishness.

8) All the employees were offended with the boss’s churlishness since he treated them like his slaves. It is no surprise that the attrition rate in this department is so high.

9) The conversation became unpleasant because of the churlishness of both parties involved which is why the deal did not go through.

10) It was because of the manager’s churlishness that the customer changed his mind to open an account with his bank. It shows how good customer service can make a big difference at the ground level.

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