How to Use Cliche in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Cliche in a sentence:- examples of Cliché Sentence and Clichéd Sentence.

Cliche Definition and Meaning with Examples

Cliché (noun) means trite, common or hackneyed. It refers to an expression, idea, word, action or behavior which is so overused that it loses its impact, charm or novelty.

The word can also be used to describe a popular idiom, style of talking, truism or any other platitude which is used repetitively.

Common examples of clichés include proverbs like everything will be alright and opportunities don’t knock twice or beliefs like girls like dolls and boys like Lego.

Make a sentence with the word cliché to suggest the predictability of something because of its overuse. Associate it with a commonplace film story, stereotype characters or hackneyed visuals. If there is something you have encountered again and again in your daily life, it could be labelled as a cliché.

Cliché: Other Grammatical Forms

Clichéd (adjective)

Cliche in a Sentence Examples

1) The facade that she put up as a female boss was such a cliché – short hair, bad temper and an overly domineering personality.

2) Why do people put photos of vegetables and fruits in their kitchen? It’s such a cliché.

3) Pink for girls and blue for boys – I can’t believe people still adhere to this cliché.

4) The biggest cliché of the world is that time heals everything. My mother died four years ago but not a single wound in my heart has been healed.

5) She tried using every cliché in the book to persuade the customer to buy her product but in vain. That’s when she realized that marketing is not an easy job after all.

6) Here’s a little tip for making conversation when you really have nothing substantial to say – just use a cliché.

7) We were told by our senior editor to not use a single cliché while writing the article. Our writing style had to be fresh and new.

8) I thought that good girls loving bad boys was a cliché. It turns out that it is true.

9) If you saw a boy and girl together at a café, what would your conclusion be? The cliché that they are dating.

10) His stand-up act was centered around one cliché that every couple uses while breaking up – It’s not you, it’s me.

11) The character of the villain in the movie had been heavily inspired from the movies of the eighties, and it has become such a cliché.

12) Kids have gotten into the habit of using cell phone at school to show off their wealth. Teachers report that this has become a bit of a cliche now.

13) Our teacher threatened us that she would grade us negatively if our essay contained more than one cliché.

14) I knew that the film was a cliché but I went to see it anyway because my favorite actor starred in it.

15) A girl pouting in a selfie has become such a cliché. It seems like every other girl in the neighborhood is doing it.

Clichéd in a Sentence Examples

1) Our conversation was clichéd, replete with platitudes, greetings and small talk that everyone engages during their first meeting.

2) The film surprisingly won the award even though its plot, characters and storyline are totally clichéd.

3) The interviewer made a big mistake by asking the CEO clichéd questions. Viewers wanted to get newer insights into his personal and professional life.

4) The politician’s speech was extremely clichéd. I wish he said something more interesting which would help him connect to the youth.

5) The way he planned to propose to his girlfriend was pretty clichéd, but it was sweet and romantic nevertheless.

6) The feedback that I received for my writing style was that it was too clichéd and flippant. I had push myself a lot more if I wanted to be better.

7) Be as original as you can while you are presenting your argument, avoid sounding clichéd.

8) Her boyfriend gave her a clichéd reason for breaking up by saying that he wanted to focus on his career and his relationship was distracting him.

9) I knew that taking flowers and chocolate for my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day would come across as clichéd but I am a little old fashioned.

10) Our strategy for ousting him from the team was not only vicious but also clichéd. We were going to spread malicious gossip about him.

11) The dialogues were very clichéd and gave his reputation a beating, but the writer chose to do the play because he needed money.

12) How cliched was it to tell her that everything would be alright when you knew that nothing in her life was ever going to be alright again?

13) The book narrates a clichéd story of star-crossed lovers who are separated by society and eventually die.

14) Using images of pop art as desktop wallpapers has become a clichéd practice.

15) The way in which they exchanged pleasantries and invited one another to their homes was extremely formal and clichéd.

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