How to use Comprehensive in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Comprehensive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Comprehensive, Comprehensively and Comprehensiveness.

Comprehensive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Comprehensive (adjective) means thorough or extensive.

The meaning refers to something which deals with every aspect of a particular subject, idea, behavior or action.

The word can also be used to describe all-encompassing scope or an in-depth approach. Anything which fully covers something in great detail can be called comprehensive. In the car insurance industry, it refers to a policy that covers most risks.

Create a sentence with the word comprehensive to suggest something of all-inclusive nature. Associate it with a detailed shopping list, exhaustive instructions, encyclopedic research, fully loaded insurance policy or broad-ranging academic curriculum.

Comprehensive: Other Grammatical Forms

Comprehensively (adverb)

Comprehensiveness (noun)

Comprehensive in a Sentence Examples

1) Such a comprehensive syllabus would be impossible to complete in a matter of a month. Our teachers will need more time.

2) Our manager wanted us to carry out a comprehensive inquiry of the client to find out who was competing with our bid for the campaign.

3) You will get good grades only if you make your essay as comprehensive as you can. Flippant writing will be negatively marked.

4) The more comprehensive your entry, the more likeliness of people commenting on it.

5) The documentary has taken a comprehensive view on the governmental policies that have been implemented in the last few years.

6) The comprehensive subject cannot be taught through a week long crash course. It needs more time than that.

7) The expert’s comprehensive and well-presented talk on the subject of metallurgy made it very popular amongst the academia.

8) Contrary to what I thought, Google Maps are extremely comprehensive. I’ve actually come to depend on them entirely.

9) A more comprehensive talk which includes pointers about maintaining the open culture of our flat organization would have been better than ranting out a few company statistics.

10) The cops made a comprehensive plan to nab the mastermind thieves from the millionaire’s home. They wanted to leave no stone unturned this time.

Comprehensively in a Sentence Examples

1) All the instructions were written comprehensively. The manager did not want anything to be fuzzy in the minds of his team members.

2) She explained the topic way too comprehensively for anyone to be perplexed. There couldn’t be a better teacher than her.

3) She wrote the report comprehensively in terms of statistics but did not reflect on it or provide her own views.

4) Students were taught to draw diagrams as comprehensively as they could. They were asked to use color-coding, pie charts and other forms of data representation.

5) It is a comprehensively planned event which encompasses everything from food, lighting, invitee lists, safety evacuation plans to seating arrangement.

6) Say goodbye to comprehensively penned grocery lists. Say hello to organizational apps.

7) I was paid good money to survey the locality comprehensively and prepare an elaborate report on the same.

8) He was comprehensively quizzed by the cops until they were convinced that he was not the thug they were looking for.

9) The quality control personnel inspected the factory comprehensively until they were sure of our standards.

10) The project was comprehensively assessed again and again. The investors wanted to be sure about where they were putting in their money.

Comprehensiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) The comprehensiveness of the material astounded me. I couldn’t believe how he managed to gather so much data in such a short time.

2) The report was marked with the kind of comprehensiveness that you would expect from a member of the senior management, not anovice.

3) It is the comprehensiveness of the author’s works that make him worthy of the highest literary prize in the world.

4) Looking at the comprehensiveness of the instruction manual, I can safely assume that it will answer all your queries about the product.

5) Government run websites are likely to be marked with more comprehensiveness owing to their easy access to data as compared to their commercial counterparts.

6) The quality of your paper will be assessed by the comprehensiveness of your investigation and your recommendations given in the end.

7) I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the customer inquiry form at the car dealership. I was made to give out every imaginable detail of myself possible.

8) An executive checkup at a hospital is likely to be more expensive because of its comprehensiveness as compared to a test taken at a private laboratory.

9) The comprehensiveness of his marketing strategy gave me a glimpse into the vast ocean of knowledge that he was.

10) The comprehensiveness of his work, eye for detail and meticulousness make him worthy of this position.

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