Cryptic in a Sentence

What does cryptic mean? It means something that is mysterious in its meaning.

Adjective: -Noncryptic

Sentence Examples: –

  • With a lot of people practicing shorthand, those that do not have any inkling about it can find it to be cryptic.
  • The new chemistry sets are cryptic in nature; it is to the point that most of the people that do not have any prior knowledge of chemistry labs would find it extremely bewildering.
  • Whenever you think about treasure maps, it is always to be found in a cryptic aspect, neither extremely easy, nor very complex.
  • When you come across an archaeological map, you will always find a variety of cryptic symbols embossed upon it. The same can also be seen on the ground which is the perceptive direction of that archaeological place.
  • It is the job of the police to decipher the cryptic notes that the kidnapper has been leaving behind.
  • There are various purposes including cryptic messages in official documents, it is to ensure that you can communicate without people getting any notion about it.

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