Cumbersome: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Cumbersome in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Cumbersome, Cumbersomely and Cumbersomeness.

Cumbersome: Meaning and Definition

Cumbersome (adjective) basically refers to anything which is difficult to move or carry because of its bulkiness and weight.

Cumbersome also refers to anything which is complex or difficult to understand.

In context, cumbersome can also be used to describe something which is slow and inefficient.

Use these nuanced meanings of cumbersome by associating the word with complicated processes, heavy luggage, inefficient people, awkward behavior, tacky tasks or unmanageable activities.

Cumbersome: Other Grammatical Forms

Cumbersomely (adverb)

Cumbersomeness (noun)

Cumbersome in a Sentence Examples

1) My teacher was sick of his assistant’s cumbersome ways. He wanted to hire someone more efficient.

2) I think the software failed because of its cumbersome interface.

3) How can I expect him to find anything in this mess when he always been so cumbersome?

4) Cumbersome security rituals at international airports have made vacationing abroad very cumbersome.

5) The gift was beautiful but its cumbersome wrapping was a bit of a put off.

6) The cumbersome procedure requires entrepreneurs to submit massive amount of documentation before they can set up their business.

7) Even though the task was fairly cumbersome, she finished it with ease.

8) The foreign delegate’s name was too cumbersome to pronounce.

9) We decided to abandon many of those parcels halfway because they were getting very cumbersome to carry.

10) I tripped and fell because of those cumbersome shoes. I wish I’d picked more comfortable footwear.

Cumbersomely in a Sentence Examples

1) He spoke too cumbersomely for anyone to understand what he said.

2) My mom has a habit of storing her clothes cumbersomely. That is why her closet always looks messy.

3) If a movie is cumbersomely made, even the best actor may not be able to salvage it.

4) Red-tapism in this country is causing all its procedures to be cumbersomely long.

5) Her cumbersomely worn white shirt became the reason for her rejection in the job interview.

6) She packed her suitcase cumbersomely because she was getting late for the flight.

7) His teacher could instantly figure out that the essay had been cumbersomely written because of the number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in it.

8) My little son’s injured leg made him move about in the house cumbersomely.

9) My best friend’s cumbersomely planned wedding turned out to be a disaster because of last minute glitches and hiccups.

10) He used the machine cumbersomely because the expert operator wasn’t around.

Cumbersomeness in a Sentence Examples

1) The cumbersomeness of the project scared many engineers from taking it up.

2) The height of the task’s cumbersomeness was revealed when an extra manual of instructions was discovered.

3) The cumbersomeness of the newly released gadget became the main cause of its instant unpopularity.

4) The project was not delivered on time because of the cumbersomeness of the team members involved in it.

5) My husband hates doing plumbing jobs because of their utter cumbersomeness.

6) The government was increasing the cumbersomeness of the policies day after day by making them unnecessarily stringent.

7) She couldn’t run fast enough because the cumbersomeness of her luggage was slowing her down.

8) The use of multiple commas, semi colons and colons increased the cumbersomeness of the sentence, making it difficult to read.

9) The cumbersomeness of the voting system in this country has repelled many people from casting their precious votes.

10) It was not right on my part to blame his cumbersomeness. I did not give him enough time to complete the task.

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