Cynical in a Sentence

What does cynical mean? It means someone that is distrusting the motives of the other people.

Noun: -cynicalness

Adjective: -anticynical

Sentence Examples: –

  • My life as a competitive gamer has led me to believe that being cynical is the only way with which you will be able to excel in your job.
  • By far and large, the greatest season of people being cynical is during the month of February. It is mainly due to the Valentine’s Day that people try and think about something else rather than to find themselves enamored by the opposite sex.
  • It is only after being cheated on by his wife that Jack went on to become cynical about relationships and marriages.
  • It is only due to Johnny being cynical that he has quite a lot of time on his hands; it is only because he has no friends.
  • Each and every move done by the administrator was something that the manager was cynical about.
  • It would be extremely hard for you to find people that are not cynical about their senator.

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