How to Use Deft in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Deft in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Deft, Deftly and Deftness.

Deft Definition and Meaning with Examples

Deft (adjective) means skilled or nimble. It refers to movement which is agile and quick.

It also refers to dexterity, proficiency or expertise in a certain skill.

Anything which is slick, impressive or clever can be called deft too.

A range of things can be described by the word deft – a dancer’s graceful movement across the floor, well-written story, precisely made point or expertise in an art form.

Deft: Other Grammatical Forms

Deftly (adverb)

Deftness (noun)

Deft in a Sentence Examples

1) The software company began to aggressively hire deft programmers by poaching them from their competitors.

2) He owed his life to the deft paramedics who were first to respond and arrive at the scene of the accident.

3) A deft PR blitz was the only thing that saved the politician from being forced to resign.

4) The footballer’s deft footwork was what allowed him to penetrate the opposition’s defense.

5) Being shy, he was annoyed at how deftly some of his friends could start conversations with women.

6) She is pretty deft when it comes to arts like embroidery, knitting and weaving.

7) You must have supremely deft hands if you want to become a juggler.

8) With one deft swirl, he held the beautiful girl who fell right into his arms.

9) My teacher is pretty deft at saying the right thing at the right time. She also has a big knack for sarcasm.

10) In one deft movement, she caught the box that her brother threw at her.

Deftly in a Sentence Examples

1) The firefighters deftly made their way inside the dilapidated building to rescue the trapped survivors.

2) The journalist deftly cornered the politician and forced him to answer her questions.

3) The accountant deftly skimmed through the spreadsheet to find out where the numbers weren’t adding up.

4) The boxer deftly hopped around in the ring like a nimble deer. None of his opponents could predict what he would do next.

5) The butcher deftly carved up the meat as per the preferences of the customers.

6) The banker took pride in his ability to deftly identify triggers that could change the economic scenario and cause volatility in stock prices.

7) The makeup artist deftly covered all the blemishes and pimples on the model’s face.

8) Even though he shifted through the gears deftly and pushed his foot down on the gas pedal, there was no way he could catch up with the professional race car driver.

9) He deftly plucked out the thorn that got stuck in my foot. This stopped the profuse bleeding immediately.

10) The way he deftly swirled the wine in his glass was enough to show me that he was a man of sophistication and elegance.

Deftness in a Sentence Examples

1) In baseball, it is easy to claim to be a big hitter but it takes accuracy and deftness to be an awesome pitcher.

2) The sushi chef’s deftness and showmanship left everyone in disbelief.

3) The deftness in his oratory skills was quite apparent since he was a child. It came as no surprise that he went into politics.

4) The soldier received a medal and was given the highest honor for displaying courage and deftness to save the lives of his comrades.

5) A fancy degree may help you get your foot in the door. But if you want to move up in your career quickly, you’ll have to show deftness in work to convince your superiors that you deserve to be promoted.

6) No one liked him in the office but everyone had to tolerate his antics because they were dependant on his deftness to solve critical problems.

7) Some musicians practice endlessly to achieve perfection but the deftness with which she went through the rehearsals showed that she was blessed with extreme levels of talent.

8) Although the model took a tumble on the ramp, she deftly picked herself up without letting the fall affect her glamor quotient.

9) The writer’s deftness at creating twists in the story’s plot made the horror film a big blockbuster.

10) It’s his deftness with machines and repairs which make his skyrocketing fees so justified.

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