How to Use Demeanor in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Demeanor in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Demeanor.

Demeanor: Definition and Meaning

Demeanor (noun) means behavior or conduct.

The word refers to the way in which people carry themselves or the appearance they put up in front of others.

Demeanors reflect different moods that include happy, sad, serious, sullen, nondescript, frustrated or angry. People express their state of mind through the demeanor they display at a given time.

Add the word demeanor to your vocabulary by using it to describe a person’s attitude or disposition. Use it instead of commonplace words like behavior, mood, manner or conduct.

Demeanor: Other Grammatical Forms


Demeanor in a Sentence Examples

1) The director instructed the actress that the scene required her demeanor to be wistful, as if she had just met an ex-boyfriend.

2) His demeanor turned solemn as I started talking about the relationship I shared with his deceased mother.

3) Don’t expect everyone to flatter you just because you have won a few awards. People have no time or patience for a pompous demeanor.

4) It wasn’t his quality of work but his demeanor which was to be blamed. If he was a bit more humble, everyone would have applauded his work a lot more.

5) If you expect that you will get your work done by carrying around an imperious demeanor, let me correct you and tell you that you are wrong.

6) They have befriended just about everybody in the office with their friendly demeanor even though it has just been three days that they have joined work.

7) Her vivacious demeanor was much appreciated in a place which was otherwise fraught with stress, tension and anxiety.

8) He is a mercurial person. His demeanor has the capacity to change from somber to ecstatic to nonchalant in just a matter of an hour.

9) I wonder how he manages to have a friendly demeanor towards his subordinates even after they’ve made such horrible mistakes.

10) She stuck out like a sore thumb at the party because of her irritable demeanor. Everyone else was happily dancing away.

11) Your first impression will be made on the basis of the demeanor you carry. So make sure that you look your best.

12) No matter how well she dressed and how much makeup she applied, she couldn’t bring herself to have a happy demeanor.

13) One of the most important lessons that my mentor taught me was to have a carefree demeanor, no matter how tough the situation may be.

14) He usually assumes a severe demeanor at work but when he is home, he is totally easygoing and approachable.

15) He uses his icy demeanor as a shield against unwanted people. Otherwise, he is a warm and friendly person.

16) The slick hair, perfectly ironed suit and state of the art gadgets in tow were all part of the professional demeanor he had deliberately constructed.

17) She has a fragile demeanor, but she can become as fierce as a tigress if the situation arises.

18) Everyone gets along very well with my husband because he has a pleasant demeanor and the knack of making everyone comfortable.

19) Sometimes, it is really difficult to comprehend his demeanor because he is such a manipulative person.

20) If you continue to carry your arrogant demeanor everywhere, it is going to be impossible for you to make friends or get along with people.

21) It was unfortunate that her boyfriend has to resort to putting up an angry demeanor to let her know that he was not happy.

22) Everyone misunderstands her because of her docile demeanor. The reality is that she is an extremely capable woman.

23) The cop was constantly observing the demeanor of the person who was accused of the robbery, in case his mannerisms gave something away.

24) Most management books recommend that half the problems of an organization can be solved if every team member has a positive demeanor.

25) All the employees were given clear instructions that no matter how agitated the customer gets, their demeanor must be placid at all times.

26) My mother’s constantly changing demeanor always made it difficult for me to fathom what she was thinking about.

27) He was asked to resign from work because he was unable to comply with the rules of the company and maintain a professional demeanor.

28) Managers with an amicable demeanor are likely t extract more work out of their subordinates as compared to managers who are slightly taciturn.

29) His pale demeanor gives away that he has been intimidated by all the people he has ever worked with.

30) Becoming a businessman requires a nonchalant demeanor. It is important to put up a facade of being unavailable.

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