How to Use Deja Vu in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Deja vu in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Deja vu.

Deja vu Definition and Meaning with Examples

Deja vu (noun) refers to a feeling of already having seen or experienced the current situation before, irrespective of whether it has actually taken place before or not. It can be a shaky feeling which generally results in a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Deja vu is a psychological concept which is associated with mental ailments but the word has found usage and popularity in everyday vocabulary.

Include deja vu in your vocabulary by using it to describe a sensation of over familiarity with a thing, object, event or situation even though it may be totally new.

You can associate deja vu with the psychological experience itself or use it to express a sense of recurrence resulting in an illusion.

Deja vu: Other Grammatical Forms


Deja vu in a Sentence Examples

1) He instantly realized that he was having a deja vu once he started feeling dizzy after stepping into the new house.

2) Experiencing deja vu for the first time can be a weird feeling. It can make your doubt your own reality.

3) Having a deja vu can be a happy as well as a shocking experience, depending on the stimuli that may have been fed into your subconscious over a period of time.

4) Why is this movie causing me a deja vu? Have I seen a movie with a similar storyline before?

5) The company was gradually failing because all their new products were giving their customers a sense of deja vu.

6) Even after the restaurant was refurbished, it gave patrons a strong deja vu of the older decor.

7) The deja vu my father had when I was being felicitated was so overwhelming, that he almost fainted.

8) I don’t mind getting a deja vu of my dream, but I don’t want to experience my nightmare again.

9) How can you have already seen this painting that I made just yesterday? This means you are having a deja vu.

10) Seeing a car crash into a bike made her slip into a deja vu because her son died in the same way, right in front of her eyes.

11) She had a hard time convincing him that he had never been to that museum before.  That is when she realized that he could be having a deja vu.

12) Deja vu is the phenomenon which blurs the lines between dreams and reality.

13) Imagine how scary it would be to find out that your deja vu about that house wasn’t misplaced. A stranger did in fact take you there when you were young.

14) Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 often gives my brother a sense of deja vu. Every time it plays in our house, he feels like he has experienced the very same moment in the past.

15) Was it a deja vu or a creepy reminder from my destiny to find out why I sensed a familiarity to that house which I had never seen before?

16) There is something about that lady that gives me a deja vu every time I see her.

17) A deja vu induces a feeling of being in a time warp. It blurs all boundaries of the past, present and future.

18) The fact that a deja vu can seem so genuine must mean that is has some connections to the concepts of rebirth or reincarnation.

19) My mother was stung by a strong sense of deja vu when my father was pouring his drink and the dog was barking in the background. She reported having photographic memory of the same sequence of events from the past.

20) Reading the papers have become like experiencing deja vu everyday because of the same old news items that hit the print.

21) Was it a deja vu or an experience that I wished happened in my past? No one can tell.

22) The director made the protagonist of the narrative have a deja vu so that the plot could be kept interesting and the audience perplexed.

23) The singer was unable to give a live performance on stage because he was arrested by a deja vu. The media speculated that it might have been a result of his repeated performances.

24) My head spins, hands go pale, feet become wobbly and skin looses all sensation when I get a deja vu. It is overwhelming and exhausting at the same time.

25) Reading the list of songs on her colleague’s iPod jolted her into a deja vu. She was trying to recollect the last time she had seen the exact list elsewhere.

26) A deja vu is a mix of a transitory thought, past memory, sense of premonition, neurological lapse and most importantly, a reiteration that science has still not figured out everything.

27) Deja vu is a very funny feeling. Sometimes it is so real that it makes you wonder if your dreams actually mean something.

28) The song invokes a sense of fond remembrance and deja vu of the golden past of my life.

29) Having a deja vu for the first time can leave you shaken. But experiencing it repeatedly will help you to savor that ephemeral moment, making you want it again.

30) Dream, nightmare, illusion, fantasy and deja vu – nebulous concepts that no psychoanalyst, scientist or researcher has been able to decode yet.

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