How to Use Elegant in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Elegant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Elegant, Elegantly and Elegance.

Elegant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Elegant (adjective) means sophisticated, dignified or fine. It can be used to suggest anything which is stylish in an understated and graceful way.

Elegant can refer to the beauty in a dress, color, person, speech, action or design.

Elegant can also express cleverness or ingenuity.

Add elegant to your vocabulary by associating it with fine taste in any area of life. It is commonly describe things like lovely dresses, simple yet exquisite designs, classy personality traits and artistic choices.

Elegant: Other Grammatical Forms

Elegantly (adverb)

Elegance (noun)

Elegant in a Sentence Examples

1) As people become wealthier, they seem to lose their elegant tastes to things that are ornate and gaudy.

2) The President has demanded elegant arrangements for the national event. He wants everything to flow seamlessly.

3) Yellow lights made the room seem warm and elegant, as opposed to white lights which strained the eyes because of its bright harshness.

4) I find rarer varieties of orchids and lilies to be more elegant than traditionally popular flowers like roses.

5) Although the colors he used for the product bordered on being garish, it surprisingly ended up looking quite elegant.

6) I asked my mother to shop for my prom gown because I trust her elegant tastes a lot.

7) An elegant black dress will accentuate your svelte curves and a sophisticated black jacket will highlight your husband’s sinewy body frame.

8) Even at the fragile age of seventy, her manner is elegant and her intention, determined.

9) Insulting his rival with subtle sarcasm was an elegant move on his part. This way, he drove home his point without making an ugly scene.

10) The website looks elegant but more importantly, I like it because it has a user-friendly layout which helps in easy navigation.

Elegantly in a Sentence Examples

1) As a princess and a member of the royalty, she was expected to carry herself elegantly in every way. The world’s eyes were on her.

2) The living room was elegantly laid out with aroma candles, Buddha statues and handpicked antiques from all around the world.

3) The students presented themselves elegantly in front of the august gathering. They behaved in a mature away and conducted the ceremony smoothly.

4) The gourmet dish was so elegantly laid out that I did not feel like cutting it apart with my fork and knife.

5) She strode across the marble floor elegantly, even though she was wearing tacky high heels.

6) Waltz, Foxtrot and Paso Doble were the most elegant dances performed on stage the other night. It felt as if the dancers were flying in the air.

7) The elegantly carved structure sold for a hefty price of twenty thousand dollars in the auction. The artist who made it became rich overnight.

8) Even though his fashion designer made him wear a shabby green jacket, he carried it off elegantly on the runway with a smile.

9) The aroma candles were elegantly placed on the edges of the vintage bath tub. The bathroom looked like it belonged to a princess.

10) Because he had the gift of the gab, he elegantly circumvented the problem areas and included only glorious achievements in the speech.

Elegance in a Sentence Examples

1) The dress exuded fine taste, sophistication and pure elegance. Its beauty owed itself to the excellent craftsmanship of the workers who made it.

2) The elegance with which the wedding ceremony was conducted made me dream about my own wedding which was to take place just a few months later.

3) Her timeless elegance and her personal style were the reasons why she was chosen to be the judge of the popular fashion show.

4) The house was done up with muted colors like mauve, pale yellow, lavender and turquoise which added to its elegance.

5) Many architects and interior designers strongly associate elegance with minimalism. They believe that lesser the clutter, the better.

6) Elegance in a person is either innate or non-existent. It is difficult thing to inculcate artificially.

7) Elegance has to be viewed objectively. What you find ostentatious, I might find amazingly subtle and beautiful.

8) The elegance with which the waiters poured wine into the glasses showed off their fine training and skills.

9) These days, elegance comes at a cost. Most elegant looking items and clothes in stores are the ones which are the most expensive.

10) Considering that the writer has studied Shakespearean literature, her writing should drip with elegance.

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