How to Use Elaborate in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Elaborate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Elaborate, Elaborate (verb), Elaborately and Elaborateness.

Elaborate Definition and Meaning with Examples

Elaborate (adjective) refers to anything which involves a great amount of detail or complexity.

Elaborate can also suggest anything which is winding, long or exaggerated.

Elaborate may also refer to something which is overly ornate or embellished.

Incorporate elaborate in your vocabulary by using it for something entailing intricateness of any kind. Associate it with painstaking detail, complicated plan, over-the-top preparations, ostentatious costume, lengthy discussion or complex story.

Elaborate: Other Grammatical Forms

Elaborately (adverb)

Elaborateness (noun)

Elaborate (verb)

Elaborate (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t give elaborate answers to questions asked in your job interview. They like candidates who answer succinctly.

2) Elaborate preparations were in way because the President’s visit was due. Everything was made to look perfect because he had to be impressed.

3) I have heard that the Japanese tea ceremony is an elaborate and intricate affair which is still carried out in modern day Japan.

4) The elaborate gown was pretty looking, but it was a tad tedious to wear too.

5) The prosthetics and elaborate makeup were the reasons why the actress took so much time to come on set.

6) Even the elaborate security system of the palace could not stop thieves from breaking in and stealing expensive things.

7) Your elaborate idea may exceed the budget that we have been given by our clients. We are better off sticking to something simple.

8) All their elaborate holidaying plans were put to rest when their mothers found out what they had been upto.

9) She has a habit of throwing elaborate tantrums when she doesn’t want to do something. Don’t bother paying attention to her.

10) Her elaborate reasoning does not strike a chord with me, nor does it convince me.

Elaborate (verb) in a Sentence Examples

1) The minister was asked to elaborate on his thoughts about the current inflation in the interview.

2) To be able to elaborate on such a difficult topic, you will need to put in a lot of effort and research beforehand.

3) Can you please elaborate a little bit? I’m not sure if I’ve understood you explanation correctly.

4) Until the teacher elaborates the concept in class, illustrates it with an example and demonstrates it with experiments, students are not going to understand it easily.

5) I wonder why he wouldn’t elaborate on his achievements. Maybe he was scared of sounding pompous.

Elaborately in a Sentence Examples

1) The dinner table was elaborately laid out with a plethora of gourmet dishes, exotic sauces, delicate crockery and beautiful napkins.

2) The room was so elaborately decorated that it must have taken them quite a while to make it look so beautiful.

3) He elaborately narrated the chain of events that took place just before the crime scene. This would help the cops to nab the thief.

4) The performer packed her vanity bag elaborately as she had to ensure that she was carrying every item which she may need before her performance.

5) My son lied to me elaborately because he thought that I would believe him if he spun a longer tale.

6) The gift I received on my birthday was an elaborately engraved birthstone and a locket.

7) It was sad to see such an elaborately developed proposal rejected after just one glimpse.

8) The cleaner scrubbed the kitchen so elaborately that it looked even better that what it was when it was newly purchased.

9) This controversial topic has been elaborately argued in the upcoming book. Let me know what you think about it when you read it.

10) This elaborately prepared dish requires two days of prep, three days of baking and another two days of cooling.

Elaborateness in a Sentence Examples

1) The movie left its audiences confused because of the elaborateness of its storyline and the complicatedness of its characters.

2) The elaborateness of his explanation led to more confusion than clarity. He should have been more direct in his approach.

3) The interiors of the house turned out to be so expensive because of their utter elaborateness.

4) The wedding ceremony was beautiful but its wasteful elaborateness was quite shocking.

5) All this elaborateness is not necessary for a semi-formal event. A minimalist setup will suffice.

6) The elaborateness of his dreams made we wonder how he could imagine things in such excruciating detail.

7) The elaborateness of the clothing of the medieval era was recreated very well on stage.

8) The elaborateness of the whole project took it to another scale altogether. It was no more a pet project, but a million dollar proposal.

9) I think that it was the elaborateness and complexity of the plan that became the very reason for its failure.

10) A girl like her who hails from an affluent family is bound to demand elaborateness and sophistication in her wedding.

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