How to Use Eloquent in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Eloquent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Eloquent, Eloquence and Eloquently.

Eloquent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Eloquent (adjective) essentially means fluent or articulate. It can also be used to describe something which is revealing, moving or extremely expressive.

The word can convey meanings similar to convincing, appropriate or persuasive especially when it is used in the context of a conversation.

Make eloquent a part of your daily expression by associating it with well-spoken speeches, refined language or fluent dialogue. Use it to describe a facial expression or an emotion which is indicative or suggestive of something.

Eloquent can also be associated with expressive body language or a telling action.

Eloquent: Other Grammatical Forms

Eloquence (noun)

Eloquently (adverb)

Eloquentness (noun)

Eloquent in a Sentence Examples

1) His speech was so eloquent that it was like listening to a melody.

2) It is important to practice the grammar of any language if you want to be eloquent in speaking it.

3) You won’t be able to beat him in a debate competition because he is extremely eloquent and well-versed with his subject.

4) Teachers who teach from their heart tend to be more eloquent than those who teach from books.

5) The tranquility of the setting sun was eloquent enough to inspire splendid poetry.

6) She is eloquent in Spanish and German, but not in French.

7) His eloquent laughter was enough to dismiss the conversation as being stupid and futile.

8) I was utterly moved when I saw the Mona Lisa for the first time. It is such an eloquent work of art.

9) An eloquent orator can make a good politician, but a politician may not be able to make an eloquent orator.

10) Her eyes were eloquent, but she couldn’t bring herself to express what was in her heart.

Eloquence in a Sentence Examples

1) The eloquence with which she stole glances with her boyfriend was enough to explain their relationship status.

2) My teachers simplified the complicated theorem and explained it with eloquence.

3) Eloquence in communication is a skill, it is not something that comes naturally to everybody.

4) Actors rarely show as much eloquence in real life as they shown while playing characters in movies.

5) Most of the time eloquence lies in simple words, not flowery language.

6) The only reason that the play became a hit was its dialogue. It was inspired by the eloquence of the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw.

7) She performed with so much eloquence that it moved me to tears.

8) Most management gurus have a gift of the gab and speak with much eloquence. They would be unable to sell passes to their seminars otherwise.

9) The eloquence of the night was so charming, that I took the opportunity to slip my hand into hers.

10) It is easier to believe something when it is said with eloquence and panache.

Eloquently in a Sentence Examples

1) She looked at him so eloquently that sparks flew between them.

2) The lawyer’s argument in court was not only based on facts and born out of good research, but eloquently delivered too.

3) If you are writing a monologue, make sure you write it eloquently. Else your audience will be bored to death.

4) You will never accept the fact that she speaks eloquently because you are not correctly interpreting what she wants to say.

5) She delivered the lecture eloquently enough to inspire students to act upon what they heard.

6) She collected her composure so eloquently after the accident that even the doctors became more confident of her recovery.

7) The reason I love going to the opera is that the singers perform eloquently.

8) Langston Hughes’ poems are eloquently written – extremely simple yet supremely powerful.

9) If prose is eloquently written, it gains the ability to become poetic.

10) Even though she was narrating from a book, she read it so eloquently that if felt as if she was saying it extempore.

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