How to Use Encompass in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Encompass in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Encompass, Encompassed, Encompassing and Encompasses.

Encompass Definition and Meaning with Examples

Encompass (verb) means to surround or include. It refers to the act of inclusion in terms of territory, physicality, scope, idea or any other intangible element.

The word can also describe something bigger which holds something smaller within itself.

Make a sentence with the word encompass to suggest embracement, enclosure or containment of any kind. For example, a celebrity’s life generally encompasses all types of luxury, a town grows into a city when it begins encompassing its outskirts and a product manual is meant to encompass a detailed explanation of all its features.

Encompass: Other Grammatical Forms

Encompassed (verb)

Encompassing (verb)

Encompasses (verb)

Encompass in a Sentence Examples

1) The city limits now encompass all the small lakes and rivulets you see on the outskirts. Hitherto, there were not included.

2) We were asked to encompass all the details of the community’s displacement while we were conducting a survey on their deplorable living conditions.

3) I have tried to encompass as many points as I could think of. Feel free to add anything that I may have missed out on.

4) He wants the campaign to encompass ten more advertising spots but I doubt if the budget will allow it.

5) The documentary is supposed to encompass all socio-economic factors that have driven the government to create such dramatic changes in environmental policies.

6) Their duties expected them to encompass the entire area of crime for close surveillance. After all, the millionaire paid them a ton of money to keep him safe.

7) The idea was to encompass a variety of students from different backgrounds to add more diversity to the school.

8) The teacher said that our movie assignment should encompass the making and a description of every member’s contribution to the team too.

9) This food festival is very famous and known to encompass wine, cheese and tea tastings too.

10) The mayor decided to encompass two new suburbs in the city’s train line this year. He said it would add to the city’s prosperity.

Encompassed in a Sentence Examples

1) The lecture on spirituality not only addressed depression but encompassed all other frailties of human nature.

2) The teacher encompassed quite a few inter-disciplinary topics in class while talking about inflation today.

3) The miniature gardens are encompassed by a fence to stop trespassers form entering and causing harm.

4) She was upset because she lost the locket gifted by her late husband. It encompassed everything he meant to her.

5) I got an executive medical checkup which encompassed everything from a blood test to an echocardiogram. It’s something that I do every year.

6) I chose not to enroll for Liberal Arts because it encompassed many subjects that did not interest me at all. I took up Business instead.

7) Unnecessary pressure and anxiety about his project has encompassed him to such an extent that he has forgotten his family completely.

8) The phone encompassed all the features of a tablet without being more expensive.

9) In a futuristic vision, the film shows how alien ships encompassed Earth and humankind marched towards extinction.

10) The article encompassed views of all noteworthy scholars on the controversial subject and published a comprehensive report.

Encompassing in a Sentence Examples

1) This test question paper is not all-encompassing. It leaves out many important areas of the curriculum.

2) This position in all-encompassing. There are no clear boundaries to your everyday responsibilities as long as you get the job done.

3) Without encompassing all the important events that happened in his life, how can you write his life story?

4) In your effort of encompassing such a large variety of data, don’t forget that you have a deadline to meet too.

5) According to the spiritual guru, love is an all-encompassing emotion. Forgiveness, kindness, benevolence and generosity – everything stems from it.

Encompasses in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though our residence is in the middle of so much green cover, pollution from the city still manages to encompass us in the peak of evenings.

2) I liked this course in particular because it encompasses all aspects of printmaking and graphic design in utmost detail.

3) I am looking for a book which encompasses all areas of mechanical engineering – the beginner and advanced levels.

4) Your father’s decision to sell the ancestral home encompasses many elements which you will understand only when you grow up.

5) His recently released biography encompasses his entire journey from childhood to his days on the deathbed.

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