Expostulate in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

What does Expostulate mean?: -It is to express a strong disagreement or disapproval, to remonstrate, to try and reason with someone against doing something that he or she intends to do.

Noun: -expostulator

Adjective: -unexpostulating

Expostulate in a Sentence with Examples

  • The Prime Minister went far and beyond his capacity to expostulate the displeasure of having to clean up the fallacies of his ministers.
  • One of the best ways to expostulate your opinions is on a customer survey form.
  • There are many veterans who often tend to expostulate about the lack of social and medical benefits in the country for which they fought.
  • How is it possible for you to expostulate without any change of guilt?
  • When do not bother to cast your vote, should you really expostulate about the general elections?
  • The teacher, flabbergasted at ghastly answers by some students tried to expostulate them to study.
  • Upon losing every game in poker, John took to expostulate the deck of cards in his hands.
  • Dogs seldom tend to expostulate their opinion on the kind of food that you feed them.

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