Extenuating in a sentence

What does extenuating  mean?: – It is in order to lessen or nullify the seriousness of the offence or the guilt.

Noun: -extenuator

Adjective: -extenuating

Sentence Examples:

  • Based on the extenuating circumstances, the man should be forgiven for the kind of crimes that he has committed.
  • Jon was to be brought to justice, but the extenuating events in his life certainly made for a pardon from the school authorities.
  • Rebecca had undergone extenuating circumstances, which is not something that anyone should hope and expect to come across.
  • Getting the approval of the authorities depends upon extenuating circumstances, and it is surely going to be given to us.
  • The rights of the people are certainly absolved in case there is any kind of extenuating events in the country at that particular moment.
  • A prostitute, under the extenuating circumstances would be able to peddle her body for money, as that is her birthright.
  • The rights of the French people, under extenuating events and it certainly involve a lot of cajoling and the foregoing of the death penalty.

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