Extravagant: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Extravagant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Extravagant, Extravagantly and Extravagance.

Extravagant: Definition and Meaning

Extravagant (adjective) is most commonly used to refer to something which is lavish, opulent or expensive.

Extravagant can also describe something which is excessive or abundant.

The word can also refer to something which is unreasonable or exorbitant.

Form a sentence with the word extravagant to describe something which seems a bit too much. This could include flashy parties, immoderate praise, show of money or anything else which is spectacular in nature.

Extravagant: Other Grammatical Forms

Extravagantly (adverb)

Extravagance (noun)

Extravagant in a Sentence Examples

1) A Gucci dress and Louboutins? My father would never allow me to make such an extravagant expense just for a prom.

2) That was an extravagant bid for a relatively lesser valuable antique. Maybe he has an emotional reason to buy it.

3) The only factor keeping him from agreeing to the divorce was the extravagant alimony that he would have to give his wife after their split.

4) The extravagant hike in the price of the apartment was a pig put off for people who were expecting to buy it within a predetermined budget.

5) She was spoiled rotten by the extravagant choices that her father always gave her while she was growing up.

6) My parents did not want me to hang out with the kids of the elite crowd at school because she was afraid that I might start making extravagant choices in life.

7) A simple event like a family reunion did not need such extravagant decorations. It was a bit more lavish than what everyone expected.

8) The trend these days is to request guests not to bring extravagant gifts at parties. Even the invites mention so.

9) Since her boyfriend was from a humble economic background, no one expected him to be so extravagant in his gifting during our common friend’s wedding.

10) No matter how extravagant his ideas were, most of the worked commercially. This is what made him so sought after.

Extravagantly in a Sentence Examples

1) For just two people, the order was placed way too extravagantly. It turned out to be nothing but a big waste.

2) Considering that is a party thrown by the royal family, the food and wine is likely to be extravagantly laid out.

3) They charged extravagantly for something as quotidian as a bottle of water.

4) Celebrities are known to live extravagantly, whether it is the car they drive, shoes the wear or gadgets they purchase.

5) Some of the most criticized elements of the movie were the extravagantly designed costumes and sets. Critics felt that the script of the film did really demanded it.

6) The book was extravagantly criticized by the panel. Many felt that is could be the result of some personal vengeance that they had against the poor author.

7) Other students didn’t admire their teacher because he was always extravagantly unfair in showering praises on the ones he liked the most.

8) The extravagantly advertised event didn’t even manage to get half the show sold out. All the money was totally wasted.

9) She is facing the backlash of having spent so extravagantly on her birthday. She should have saved for a later day.

10) The business tycoon sponsored many students extravagantly without checking if they deserved the scholarship or not. This earned him a bad reputation.

Extravagance in a Sentence Examples

1) Their extravagance knew no bounds. After they blew up a couple of grand at the casino, they decide to party on a yacht.

2) The extravagance of rare flowers in their garden made for a breathtaking view from the patio.

3) Just one look at the glossy invitation, guest list and drinks menu was enough to reveal the extravagance of the event.

4) Having a good lifestyle is not just about extravagance and luxuries. It is also about spending time with your loved ones.

5) The book was emotionally painful to read as it juxtaposed the extravagance of the rich with the miseries of the poor.

6) Tourists love visiting palaces and other royal residences because they may have never seen so much extravagance in their whole lives.

7) Even though she lived without any extravagance in her life, she barely managed to accumulate any savings.

8) It was less about a genuine celebration and more about creating an experience of total extravagance and luxury.

9) The extravagance of the event makes me wonder how much they must have paid the event planners alone.

10) The dress looked opulently beautiful because it was marked by extravagance of color and texture.

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