Facetious in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Facetious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Facetious, Facetiously and Facetiousness.

Facetious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Facetious (adjective) means playful or flippant. It refers to being tongue-in-cheek to the point of bordering on inappropriateness.

A person who says things jokingly, sarcastically or dismissively can be called facetious.

Facetiousness is not meant to be taken seriously but it can offend people.

When casual and teasing remarks are purposefully made for serious issues, they are said to be facetious.

Facetious: Other Grammatical Forms

Facetiously (adverb)

Facetiousness (noun)

Facetious in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t be facetious about this. We are discussing a very important topic which requires you to show some gravitas.

2) She offended me by giving me a facetious look when I was pouring my heart out to her.

3) There is a difference between having a great sense of humor and being facetious.

4) The journalist did a really nasty job by embellishing facts and including facetious remarks about the actress in the interview.

5) Making facetious remarks at work might cost you a promotion.

6) You can make all the facetious statements that you want. Just make sure that you can take some jokes on yourself too.

7) They are a bunch of facetious, shallow kids in our neighborhood who haven’t been raised well by their parents.

8) You can’t get away by deliberately making a facetious remark and then apologizing for it.

9) Politicians should not be making factious statements about countries not being able to cope with frequent natural calamities.

10) Most people like her posts because they’re so facetious and bad, that they’re actually entertaining.

Facetiously in a Sentence Examples

1) Much to the manager’s surprise, his team responded facetiously to his idea. He didn’t expect such frivolity from them.

2) You don’t have the right to reply facetiously just because you’re in a sour mood.

3) The teacher punished them for behaving so facetiously and disrespecting the school’s decorum.

4) Talk facetiously with your friends all you want, but show some respect when you’re talking to others.

5) She was asked to redo the essay because she had written it facetiously, using no solid research or insights.

6) They were warned against making any facetious jokes that would upset the esteemed panel.

7) If you talk facetiously all the time, no one is ever going to take you seriously.

8) Don’t present such an important idea so facetiously. It deserves to be discussed with more seriousness.

9) Replying facetiously in court isn’t going to help her cause. She needs to present some solid facts to win the case.

10) It’s good to see them both getting back together and talking facetiously after all those horrid fights.

Facetiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Your sense of humor is very charming but such facetiousness will not be appreciated at work.

2) The matter was discussed with so much facetiousness on TV that it was an insult to the intelligence of all the people watching it.

3) She puts up a facade of facetiousness to look tough and thick-skinned, but she’s very coy from inside.

4) Her facetiousness is offensive and she just doesn’t know when to stop.

5) He uses a lot of sarcasm and facetiousness to make a hard-hitting point.

6) The facetiousness with which the article was written, totally backfired. The author was made to apologize to people for treating an important matter so lightly.

7) My boss asked me to avoid displaying my facetiousness during the seminar.

8) His irreverence and facetiousness can make him an awesome stand-up comic.

9) The facetiousness of the writing makes it impossible to give it any credence.

10) I like everything about him except his occasional facetiousness. It puts me off sometimes.

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