Exuberant: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Exuberant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Exuberant, Exuberantly and Exuberance.

Exuberant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Exuberant (adjective) means excited or overjoyed. It can be used to describe someone who is flowing with cheerfulness, energy and enthusiasm. Good health and high spirits can be expressed with the word exuberant.

Anything which is over the top, luxuriant or overly artistic can also be expressed with this word.

Additionally, the word exuberant can be used to refer to something which is abundant, lush or profuse in terms of growth, degree or quantity.

Use exuberant to suggest chirpiness, exhilaration or abundance.

Screaming out of sheer joy, excess growth of plantation in a backyard, ornate decoration or an excited bunch of kids can be called exuberant.

Exuberant: Other Grammatical Forms

Exuberantly (adverb)

Exuberance (noun)

Exuberant in a Sentence Examples

1) The exuberant little boy hopped away on the street after I bought him a balloon and placed it in his hand.

2) Although they sound exuberant about the proposal on the phone, I have a feeling that they will change their mind after a few days.

3) Teenagers become exuberant over the stupidest of things. Even a Facebook Like can get them all excited.

4) They are overly exuberant new parents who like to photograph every single thing that their child does.

5) His parents were exuberant at his wedding, and rightly so. It was after so many years that their family was seeing happy days.

6) With two cute pigtails and a cuddly teddy tucked under her arm, she looked like a pretty exuberant kid.

7) As soon as she came to know that her visa had been granted, she broke into an exuberant dance.

8) The grape produce has been exuberant this year. We are hoping for a wonderful batch of wine too.

9) Her reaction to the good news I gave her was highly controlled – not too laid-back, nor too exuberant.

10) The growth of the crop this year has been exuberant but I’ve had a tough time selling it because of high overheads.

Exuberantly in a Sentence Examples

1) The media exuberantly praised the efforts of the government to rehabilitate the town that was shattered by the earthquake.

2) The audience applauded exuberantly as soon as the recital was over. The artist even received a standing ovation.

3) Her promotion was celebrated exuberantly. After all, she was the first female CEO of the company.

4) She laughed exuberantly, revealing her carefree attitude and vivacious personality.

5) They screamed and shouted exuberantly, not knowing that their neighbors had already called the cops on them for making so much noise at night.

6) Don’t reply to all his questions too exuberantly, else he will think that you are desperate for the job.

7) He used color and texture exuberantly in his paintings. Most of his work was used for creating vibrant backdrops.

8) The green cover has spread exuberantly in this area. Most plants and trees that grow here don’t need much water supply.

9) When he realized that he had won the marathon, he took out his jersey and ran around exuberantly in circles.

10) My sister decorated the house exuberantly to welcome me home after seven years of living abroad.

Exuberance in a Sentence Examples

1) I could sense the exuberance in her voice over the phone. She was very happy about her unexpected promotion.

2) Her exuberance and constant cheerfulness is a facade. Deep down, she is intensely unhappy.

3) Her exuberance was contagious. She uplifted everyone’s spirits after a dull start and made us have the best road trip ever.

4) It was her exuberance which forced us to accept her invitation even though we were in no mood to attend the party.

5) Her writing is fresh, youthful and exudes exuberance. She has deservedly won the award for the best writer.

6) It is her exuberance and sense of humor which makes her a perfect TV show host.

7) I don’t know how my boss starts her day so early with such exuberance even after working late the night before.

8) His enthusiasm for life, exuberance in times of crisis and can-do attitude make him a true leader.

9) Unless the event is a hit, we shouldn’t show a single trace of exuberance.

10) It was the exuberance of the embroidery on the costume which made it so expensive and heavy.

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