Facade: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Facade in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Facade.

Facade Definition and Meaning with Examples

Facade (noun) is a multifaceted word which literally means the outer appearance of a building. It is also popularly used as a figure of speech to describe a sense of falseness or pretence in a person’s demeanor.

Although the figurative meaning of facade is generally negative, it can also be used to convey a positive meaning.

Add facade to your everyday language by using it to describe people who are acting in an artificial way to get something done, convey something in an unsaid manner or manipulate a situation.

You can even use it in the literal sense to talk about the appearance or frontage of a structure. Replace the word appearance with facade in a relevant context.

Facade: Other Grammatical Forms


Facade in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t put up a facade in front of your wife. She will eventually be able to look through it and figure out that you are deceiving her.

2) They tried to maintain the heritage look of the neighborhood by creating artificial retro facades for all the buildings.

3) Most suits in the corporate world go about their day wearing a stoic facade of professionalism.

4) The facade of Mt. Rushmore makes me wonder how artisans in that era must have managed to accomplish such a feat.

5) Although the facade of the monument looks pretty, its construction quality is below average.

6) A famous quote advises everyone to be like a duck – have a calm facade, but paddle really hard underneath.

7) People who have a calm and happy facade all the time must be dealt with very cautiously.

8) Even if your boss loves your idea, she will keep a straight face. This is a facade that most bosses use to show their subordinates that they don’t get carried away easily.

9) Behind the facade of charity, this organization is routing millions of dollars into the personal funds of its directors.

10) If you want to be successful, you have to adopt a facade of nonchalance in emotional situations.

11) If you want to appear rich, make the facade of your home ornate and ostentatious so that you can fool other people.

12) Bodybuilders can go to any extent to ensure that their facade looks chiseled, bulky and flawless.

13) Just like people attending celebratory masquerades wear masks to hide their identities, most of us wear different facades in our lives to cover our real feelings.

14) It is important to adopt an amicable facade towards all your colleagues, whether you actually like them or not.

15) Many couples put up the facade of being happy in their wedlock, but they live a rotten life every day.

16) If you put up a happy facade during a crisis, you can encourage others to sail through it happily too.

17) A person who acts consistently happy may be putting up a facade to hide his sorrows from the world.

18) I realized that she was not putting up a facade, she seemed to be genuinely happy for me.

19) I haven’t seen the whole building yet, but looking at its facade tells me that it must be beautiful in every aspect.

20) Getting past my boss’ tough facade is not possible unless he is in a jovial mood.

21) During Christmas, the city’s illuminated facade makes it look like a shiny necklace when seen from an aerial view.

22) Politicians are experts at putting up facades of being sympathetic towards the needs of the poor.

23) My workplace has so many people with mercurial facades that I have lost my ability to recognize the genuineness of a person.

24) You can immediately distinguish between people who have inherent panache and those who put up the facade of stylishness.

25) There is a beautiful array of shrubs near the eastern facade of the newly built skyscraper.

26) Anyone can put up a facade, but only a few actually make it look genuine.

27) You can take that man’s clothes off, not his facade of oblivion.

28) It takes years of practice and life experience to look through someone’s facade.

29) Loved ones are not supposed to put up facades of nonchalance in front of each other. They are supposed to love each other.

30) He may be able to put up a facade in front of the world, but he will never be able to live with himself with such dishonesty.

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