Gullible: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Gullible in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Gullible, Gullibly, Gullibility and Gullibleness.

Gullible Definition and Meaning with Examples

Gullible (adjective) means innocent or naive. It refers to a person who can be easily manipulated or tricked.

It can also be used to describe a person who trusts others very easily, only to be fooled later.

Use the word to portray an impressionable person who can be easily swayed.

Gullible people are likely to innocently accept promises, credulously believe tall claims or quickly trust strangers.

Gullible: Other Grammatical Forms

Gullibly (adverb)

Gullibility (noun)

Gullibleness (noun)

Gullible in a Sentence Examples

1) People who are nice and gullible are always taken advantage of.

2) You’re now moving to a bigger city. You can’t be gullible anymore.

3) Her brother is shrewd but she is extremely gullible. Both of them are complete opposites of each other.

4) Don’t get carried away by her gullible demeanor.

5) They are way too gullible to handle this business. We need someone more thick-skinned and opportunistic.

6) I can easily convince my mother to do whatever I want her to. That’s because she’s extremely gullible and trusting of me.

7) Everyone thinks that the people of this country are very gullible and docile.

8) Now that you are the owner of so much wealth, you’ve got to quit being gullible.

9) The student took advantage of his teacher’s gullible nature and gave her petty excuses for not being able to take the test.

10) My father is very gullible because he hasn’t traveled much and doesn’t know how mean the world outside is.

Gullibly in a Sentence Examples

1) She behaves gullibly sometimes but she’s not stupid. Don’t take advantage of her niceness.

2) How can you be so gullible? Can’t you see she’s being friends with you just for her benefit?

3) She looked at her brother gullibly, as if she was already convinced by him.

4) You are being manipulated. Don’t gullibly accept whatever is told to you.

5) My daughter gullibly believes that everything that’s shown in the movies is true. Little does she know that the real world is very different.

6) When a stranger calls you and asks you your bank details, don’t give away information so gullibly. They may be trying to hack your accounts.

7) His charm and his way of talking made me gullibly believe that I should trust him. But I was so wrong.

8) I don’t know how you can gullibly accept what’s been sold to you on a television show.

9) They have gullibly decided to move houses. I’m sure their agent sold them some lucrative scheme.

10) My mom was gullibly charmed by his personality. She didn’t know that all sales executives are smooth talkers.

Gullibility in a Sentence Examples

1) You cannot let your naivete and gullibility affect the daily affairs of this corporation whose sole aim is to make money.

2) His gullibility got the better of him because he trusted every word that his manager said.

3) The company is taking advantage of the gullibility of their customers and selling them products with substandard ingredients.

4) His gullibility made him the butt of jokes in his class. Others kept bullying him and pushing him around.

5) As a growing entrepreneur, the first attribute you need to shed away is your gullibility.

Gullibleness in a Sentence Examples

1) It was his gullibleness that took the business down. She couldn’t the see disasters coming.

2) They are innocent people but it’s their gullibleness which makes them so endearing.

3) The gullibleness of the group made it very easy for the tour guide to fleece them.

4) It was because of their gullibleness that they didn’t bag their contract. Their rivals outdid them in a matter of minutes.

5) Don’t take the gullibleness of people for granted. They will realize that you were duping them all this time.

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