Haughty in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Haughty in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Haughty, Haughtily and Haughtiness.

Haughty Definition and Meaning with Examples

Haughty (adjective) means proud or pompous. It describes a person, action, behavior or attitude which is replete with snobbishness and arrogance.

Replace the words proud or snooty in your vocabulary with haughty to suggest disdain or condescension.

In conversation, haughty is commonly used for people who are selfish, high-handed, overbearing and think more of themselves than others for no real reason.

The word carries a negative connotation.

Haughty: Other Grammatical Forms

Haughtily (adverb)

Haughtiness (noun)

Haughty in a Sentence Examples

1) She has become haughty since fame and fortune have knocked at her door.

2) The well-heeled tend to be haughty and impolite most of the time.

3) I don’t mind the fact that he is haughty. I mind the fact that he lets his pride get in the way of helping others.

4) As a celebrity, everyone expects her to have a haughty air about herself.

5) Her haughty nature is repelling people from her, instead of attracting them to become friends.

6) We were offended the haughty remark of how they owned more property than we did.

7) For some reason, wine snobs are generally haughty people. Don’t you think so?

8) I am happy that you are doing well, but that doesn’t mean you become haughty about your success.

9) The model’s straight-facedness makes her look haughty but she is actually quite warm.

10) The mansion was so elaborately built, intricately designed and lavishly constructed, that it had a haughty presence on the street.

Haughtily in a Sentence Examples

1) You don’t have the right to talk haughtily to your subordinates just because the company has invested more authority in you as a team leader.

2) She strutted about the hall haughtily, as if she owned the place.

3) She haughtily flaunted all her new and fancy purchases at the party.

4) My manager haughtily rejected my idea for the campaign, reiterating that his idea was better.

5) The bartender looked at me haughtily as he explained the types of wine available in the pub.

6) My daughter hates going to school because all the other girls talk to her very haughtily.

7) The golf players looked haughtily at all the rugby players, as if to hint that their sport was superior.

8) The lady haughtily and deliberately cupped her face with her left hand so that everyone could see the expensive ring she was wearing.

9) When she was asked who was likely to win the award this year, she haughtily replied that her son would.

10) Wearing her fascinator, frilled mini dress, boxed clutch and stilettos, she stepped out of her Mercedes and walked haughtily towards the racecourse.

Haughtiness in a Sentence Examples

1) When confidence crosses the line, it becomes haughtiness.

2) His haughtiness will be on full display when the paparazzi arrive and start clicking his pictures.

3) The king had to abdicate the throne because his haughtiness made him take wrong decisions.

4) There is an inherent haughtiness in her style of talking which some people may find offensive.

5) The monarch’s haughtiness was reflected in the extravagance of his palace.

6) Your haughtiness is blinding you to your own weaknesses and limitations.

7) Her haughtiness is empty because she doesn’t have good work to support her tall claims.

8) Your top grades are no good if you keep behaving haughtily with other students and don’t help them to get good grades too.

9) Her haughtiness has put her on such a false pedestal that no one wants to come near her anymore.

10) Do you think celebrities wear a fake mask of haughtiness to keep troublemakers at an arm’s length?

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