How to use Gusto in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Gusto in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Gusto.

Gusto: Definition and Meaning

Gusto (noun) means enthusiasm or vigor.

Gusto can be used to describe the zeal, enjoyment, satisfaction or drive in a person’s behavior while doing something.

The word can also be used as a synonym for the words passion or zest.

Any activity which is done with great eagerness or dynamism can be referred to as something done with gusto. This includes applauding fervently after a play, relishing a delicious meal, playing a sport ardently, singing passionately or cheering someone enthusiastically.

Gusto: Other Grammatical Forms


Gusto in a Sentence Examples

1) When he came to know that the casserole was prepared specially for him by his granddaughter, he relished it with great gusto.

2) I love watching my son play baseball because he plays with gusto even when his team is on the verge of losing. I am proud that his he has such sportsman spirit.

3) My mentor inspired me to beat all odds and pursue my career with great gusto. She told me not to give up just because I was woman.

4) Even though it was past midnight, they sang and danced with much gusto. It was the best party they ever had.

5) They never had the gusto to go to their son’s game and support him in any of his endeavors. It was a pity to see them behaving in such a detached manner.

6) Everyone was surprised to see their gusto for going to the food festival even though the tickets were so pricey.

7) The tour guide had so much gusto that he showed the tourists all those place where he had grown up.

8) Their gusto for the game was enviable because they were having so much fun playing it. I wish I had that kind of fondness for any sport.

9) It was inspiring to see the gusto with which she learnt how to operate new gizmos even though she was eighty years old.

10) Singing the song for the eighteenth time in a row was a challenging task but he sang it with great gusto, without any signs of fatigue in his voice.

11) The journalists were waiting with gusto to interview the prince who was becoming a father for the first time.

12) He continued the debate with great tenacity and gusto, much to the surprise of the audience who thought that the event was about to end.

13) The employees celebrated their promotions with gusto because they had come much earlier than expected.

14) The gusto with which they brought the baby home was evident of how happy they were to welcome their first child after so many years of marriage.

15) The reason why he has become such a successful businessman is that he has pursued every opportunity in life with great gusto.

16) The gusto with which he learnt the violin was remarkable. His teacher thought that he would take lesser time than other students to master the instrument.

17) My teacher is an amazing raconteur who uses voice modulation and hand movements to tell stories to kids with gusto.

18) She is so interested in politics that you can ask her any question regarding the government and she will reply to you with gusto.

19) I wonder how she has the gusto to raise two young children at the age of fifty. This is her time to gear up for retirement.

20) The volunteers worked with a lot of gusto even though they knew that they were not going to get any credit for it.

21) I have a beautiful video recording of my cat playing with her feather toy with gusto. It’s so cute that it would go viral if I uploaded it.

22) Every time she switches the camera on, her daughter begins to dance with gusto because she knows that she is being taped.

23) Even when he helps someone casually, it he does it with so much gusto that everyone remembers his name and face.

24) He helped the host with the preparations of the party with gusto even though he was not going to attend it.

25) The students planted the saplings with gusto but the hurricane uprooted it all away. It was unfortunate to see all their hard work go to waste.

26) Every day when my dad comes home and my dog hears the doorbell, he starts wagging his tail with a lot of gusto.

27) She called to invite me to her wedding but there seemed to be no gusto in her voice.

28) After they scored a goal, the crowd cheered loudly with renewed gusto and a hope that the team would win.

29) As a cancer patient, his incredible gusto for living life is touching. Every person should learn a thing or two from him.

30) The gusto with which they announced that they were getting married was a candid moment that was worth capturing on camera.

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