Use Hiatus In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Hiatus in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Hiatus.

Hiatus Definition and Meaning with Examples

Hiatus (noun) means a break or pause in an activity or event. It typically refers to a short holiday from work, gap in a process or an interruption in an activity.

Lesser used meanings of hiatus include fissure in an anatomical part of the body and a break between the pronunciations of adjacent vowels in a word.

Include hiatus in everyday use by associating it with a formal or informal sabbatical.

Hiatus can also be used figuratively to describe a gap or breach in understanding between two people.

Hiatus: Other Grammatical Forms


Hiatus in a Sentence Examples

1) I hope Meryl Streep never takes a hiatus from acting in the movies.

2) Taking a hiatus from work for more than three months may negatively impact your budding career.

3) The government really needs to take hiatus from all this spending because most of it is going to be worthless.

4) You need to take a well deserved hiatus. Else, your efficiency might go for a toss.

5) My boss bounced back stronger and mightier after a forceful year long hiatus that he took for his chemotherapy.

6) No one knows whether she is on a hiatus or has been temporarily suspended.

7) Every artist should take an occasional hiatus from work otherwise his or her work may start suffering.

8) The manufacturing process should not face any hiatus because of the strike.

9) The song became especially popular because the rock band released it after a long hiatus of ten years.

10) Her pregnancy made her take an unplanned hiatus in her acting career which proved to be detrimental.

11) He is lucky to be in that stage of his life and career when he can take a hiatus any time he wants.

12) Her husband was lucky to get a hiatus from work in the same period that his wife was going to deliver their baby.

13) Fans would become really upset if their favorite celebrities were to take a hiatus from social media.

14) Take a hiatus from working on the computer all day and give your aching back some rest.

15) Clingy couples should take a hiatus from each other to keep one another sane.

16) The couple fought incessantly because there was a hiatus in their understanding towards each other.

17) I wonder if our boss has an ulterior motive behind allowing her so many frequent and unjustified hiatuses.

18) They haven’t turned up yet. It looks like their short hiatus has been converted into a prolonged sabbatical.

19) The doctor has asked him to take a hiatus from work because of his ailing health.

20) The cause of the celebration is that my mother has decided to resume playing the guitar after a twenty year hiatus.

21) There was a hiatus in the operations in the company, but everything has now been smoothly resumed.

22) She ordered her son to go on a hiatus from social media because his exams were approaching.

23) My Twitter page has been on a hiatus, but you can still contact me on Pinterest.

24) Retirement is one of the best hiatuses of life.

25) Taking a brief hiatus does not mean you abandon all your responsibilities.

26) People are waiting for him to get back after his long hiatus and produce some great movies.

27) Honeymoon is the only way for a newly married couple to take a mandatory hiatus from their hectic life.

28) The cellist played for a continuous period of three hours to a thunderous response without taking a single hiatus.

29) I wish the Spice Girls took a really long hiatus instead of breaking up. They were my favorite girl band of all time.

30) It was a pity that the best teacher of our university took a hiatus just when I started my semester. I wanted to benefit from her tutelage.

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