Use Haphazard in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Haphazard in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Haphazard, Haphazardly and Haphazardness.

Haphazard Definition and Meaning with Examples

Haphazard (adjective) means random or unmethodical.

Haphazard can be used to describe an action or behavior which is unsystematic, helter-skelter and arbitrary, making it difficult to understand.

Add the word haphazard to your vocabulary to suggest something which is disorganized. Associate it with a messy room, disorderly bookshelf, careless approach, jumbled patterns, slapdash plans or chaotic way of working.

The word carries a negative connotation.

Haphazard: Other Grammatical Forms

Haphazardly (adverb)

Haphazardness (noun)

Haphazard in a Sentence Examples

1) The haphazard development of the city was causing more problems than generating any benefits. People were fed up of all the indiscriminate construction that was taking place.


2) The critic rightly commented that the storyline of the movie was slightly haphazard and its editing should have been a bit tauter.


3) The patterns are not only cryptic but also haphazard. I will have to study this material in detail before I can even claim to understand what it is.


4) He mixed drinks haphazardly and tried to produce a concoction which he planned to name eponymously.

5) A dinner table is supposed to be laid out elegantly but mine looked haphazard and messy.

6) One of the most important features of running a boutique is to make the display supremely attractive, devoid of any haphazard placements.

7) Never be haphazard while dealing with someone’s heart and feelings.  Karma will definitely come back to you and destroy your soul.

8) Why can’t you write down your list in a clear bullet point form? Why do you have to be so haphazard?

9) His ideas are brilliant but very haphazard. He needs a visualizer who can connect the dots and give his ideas a form.

10) Even after being told umpteen times, he continued to work in his haphazard style and this made his manager livid.


Haphazardly in a Sentence Examples

1) Her room was a mess because all her stuff was haphazardly placed and there was no organization or planning.

2) The new librarian had a tough time sorting out books and DVDs because everything was haphazardly arranged by the previous librarian.

3) The real estate agent seemed to have no interest in showing us the place because he took us around the apartment quite haphazardly.

4) The tours are cheap but they are conducted quite haphazardly. We’d rather pay some more money and take a tour which shows everything in detail.

5) The notes are written so haphazardly that it is impossible for me to make out which topic is addressed where.

6) Since all the scenes were shot haphazardly, the editor had a tough time creating the very first sequence.

7) I told my accountant to call it quits because he filed all my paperwork haphazardly and added to all the confusion which already surrounded my yearly bookkeeping.

8) As drops of rain hit the street haphazardly, all the pedestrians huddled together under parapets of shops to get shelter.

9) Without taking into consideration the long term repercussions, the company haphazardly fired many of its employees because it wanted to cut down on costs.

10) Giving instructions haphazardly is a sure shot way of confusing employees and giving them a reason to fail.


Haphazardness in a Sentence Examples

1) The haphazardness of the itinerary left us perplexed. We couldn’t figure out which destinations we had to cover on which day.

2) It was the haphazardness of the day which tired us out. First, we went to one end of the town to run an errand and then to the extreme other.

3) The haphazardness of urban development is typically seen in nations where governments change frequently.

4) The haphazardness of her manner and her perennially flummoxed disposition make her a very difficult person to deal with.

5) The haphazardness of the burglar’s escape stunned the police. They couldn’t understand how he could plan such a shoddy escape when the magnitude of this theft was so big.

6) If you continue to function with such haphazardness, I will have to ask you to quit the company very soon.

7) The haphazardness of the questions he posed to me immediately gave me an idea that he was a novice.

8) I declared their approach to be haphazard purely because they did not take into account the order and the sequence of the job.

9) The story is written very well but won’t be popular among kids because of its haphazardness.

10) The event was planned with much haphazardness. There were no systematic facilities for food, drink and security.

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