Hideous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Hideous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Hideous, Hideously and Hideousness.

Hideous: Definition and Meaning

Hideous (adjective) means repulsive or ugly. It can refer to anything which is distasteful to the senses or morally foul.

Although the word hideous is meant to represent extreme disgust, it can also used to describe anything which is generally horrible.

Form a sentence with the word hideous to describe a person, action, behavior or thing which is very loathsome or ghastly. Associate it with a terrible smell, scary looking character from a horror movie, dirty room, exorbitant prices, nasty sight, disgusting comment or a repelling act of crime.

Hideous: Other Grammatical Forms

Hideously (adverb)

Hideousness (noun)

Hideous in a Sentence Examples

1) No matter how many hideous creatures featured in the ghost story, my daughter was not scared at all and she loved every moment of listening to it.

2) The little child made a hideous mess of his food by mixing and mashing whatever was kept on his plate.

3) Why do horror films always resort to showing gory and hideous characters instead of having a storyline which psychologically scares people?

4) Giving a pre-owned gift is a hideous way to show her your appreciation for such a big favor that she has done for you.

5) Everyone started throwing up after getting drunk in the party and the house became a hideous mess.

6) The idea of mixing fruit yogurt with ice cream sounds absolutely hideous to me.

7) It was impossible to get rid of all the hideous looking stains that my daughter managed to get on her cheerleading dress.

8) The doctor told her that the medicines were safe but they had hideous side effects on her body.

9) She woke up in a sweat after having a hideous dream in which an ogre kidnapped her and took her away to a lonely forest.

10) As a medical student, you will have to learn about some hideous diseases that you may have never even heard of before.

Hideously in a Sentence Examples

1) The remnants of the dead dog were hideously thrown on the street without even a single thought given to health and hygiene.


2) At a fancy restaurant like this, I wouldn’t expect a meal to be so hideously bad.

3) The news about the government investing more money in making promenades over educating the rural population was hideously true.

4) The belief that you have to survive on nuts and skimmed milk to lose weight is hideously false.

5) The only thing these boys like doing in class is to pass around hideously dirty and vulgar jokes.

6) The excessive makeup made her look hideously garish. She looked much better when she wore no makeup at all.

7) Most upholders of moral values are hideously hypocritical. They preach one thing to the society and do something completely different in their own lives.

8) My ears could not bear the hideously cacophonic melody created by the so-called guitarist who did not even know how to play the guitar.

9) Who knew that such a seemingly fine gentleman could have hideously shady side to his personality too?

10) We should have checked the tariff on the internet before checking into this hideously exorbitant hotel.

Hideousness in a Sentence Examples

1) There are no words to describe the hideousness of the episode when no one on the streets came to help the man who had been badly injured in the accident.

2) The hideousness of the wall paint was amplified by the corny decorations pasted on it.


3) The hideousness of the whole situation lies in the fact the employees are not ready to take any kind of responsibility to the harm that they have caused the company.

4) The rain added to the squalor and hideousness of the poor neighborhood.

5) The hideousness of the wound was growing day after day. She did not bother to show it to the doctor, instead she left it to fester.


6) The director chose to use more fake blood and wounds on the body of the lead actor to increase the hideousness of the fight scene.

7) No one knows about the hideousness of his acts. Everyone thinks he is the most eligible bachelor in town.

8) I abhor him with all my heart, especially after I have found out about the hideousness of the crime he committed.

9) The teacher apologized to the parent for the hideousness of the punishment she doled out to her son.

10) All the art critics went gaga over the grotesque looking painting which I thought was marked with nothing but hideousness.

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