Use Flippant in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Flippant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Flippant and Flippantly.

Flippant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Flippant (adjective) means superficial or shallow. It can be used to describe a person who shows a disrespectful, light-hearted or casual attitude in a situation which demands seriousness.

Flippant also refers to being cheeky, playful or overly clever. In common parlance, the word can also be used to describe a person who is oversmart or a wisecrack.

Use flippant frequently by associating it with a person who doesn’t give a damn even in a serious or formal situation. Use the word to express irreverence or impudence in a person.

Flippant is generally used to describe a negative quality when it is used in the context of someone’s behavior.

Flippant: Other Grammatical Forms

Flippantly (adverb)

Flippancy (noun)

Flippantness (noun)

Flippant in a Sentence Examples

1) She embarrassed her mother at the charity dinner by making flippant conversation about the underprivileged.

2) Teenage kids are usually forgiven for being cheeky because that is the age to be flippant.

3) Please let her know that you didn’t mean your words when you asked her to move out, you were just being flippant.

4) The manager canned the deal because the clients seemed very flippant. He didn’t trust them enough to work with them in the future.

5) People think he has a great sense of humor, but we all think that he is just flippant.

6) The flippant remark made by the student offended his teacher greatly.

7) It is time you stopped being so flippant and took some responsibility in life.

8) It will take some amount of life experience to polish her flippant writing. As of now, it comes across as very immature.

9) It is odd to see a fifty year old mother of three kids having such a flippant attitude towards life.

10) The fact that you plan to wear slippers to a formal business luncheon just shows how flippant you can be.

11) He is one of the few philosophers whose body of work is far from being flippant.

12) The problem is not that he is lazy, the problem is that he has a flippant attitude which is impossible to correct.

13) Customer service professionals are used to getting flippant questions about discounts from their customers.

14) When parents make flippant promises to their kids and don’t keep them, kids feel hurt and disappointed.

15) From being flippant to being precise to being eloquent, her communication skills have come a long way.

Flippantly in a Sentence Examples

1) She is quite curt because she replies flippantly to everything.

2) I am sorry for talking to you so flippantly during your father’s hospitalization. I should have realized the seriousness of the situation.

3) Taking constructive criticism flippantly will not allow you to grow as a person.

4) He was unaware of the fact the she was your girlfriend. Else, he would have never behaved so flippantly with her.

5) The matter is too crucial to be dealt with flippantly. Please pay more attention.

6) Don’t reply flippantly in a yes or a no. Your mother deserves to get an elaborate explanation.

7) Don’t take her words to heart. She talks flippantly most of the time.

8) Destitution and human rights are not subjects that you should refer to flippantly.

9) Youngsters should not dismiss the advice given to them by their elders so flippantly.

10) She scored an A+ for her essay even though she wrote it flippantly, without doing any research on the topic.

11) There is a fine line of difference between talking confidently and talking flippantly. Don’t cross the line.

12) Most people behave flippantly in social situations when they have to meet people they don’t want to.

13) The reason he behaves flippantly many times is to hide his extraordinary levels of intelligence from others.

14) They loved each other flippantly, as if they knew that their relationship wasn’t going to last long.

15) The council head spoke about the most important issue flippantly. Most of the meeting was spent discussing trivial issues.

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